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Custom Extrusions

Make Your Aluminium Profile With Custom Aluminum Extrusions

22 Jul 2021

Summary: Foshan Shenghai is a professional aluminum extrusion profiles manufacturer. We can customize aluminum extrusions for customers' requirements. If you want, we can customize the production.
Surface Treatments

What Surface Treatments Does Shenghai Aluminum Profiles Have

6 Jul 2021

Summary: Shenghai aluminum profiles surface treatments: Mill finish, Powder coated, Anodized, Wood grain, Electrophoresis, Polishing, Brushed, etc.

Why Are There Scratches on Surface of Aluminium Extrusion Profile

7 Jun 2021

Summary: During the production of Aluminium Extrusion Profile, the product will always appear scratches. In order to prevent scratches, we have summarized 6 reasons for scratches based on production experience.
Extrusion Process

Aluminum Profile Extrusion Process 10 Steps from Shenghai

18 May 2021

Summary: To extrude into the same design as customers, the most important thing is the molds. By putting aluminum ingot into the customized mold, the same shape as the mold will be extruded. Shenghai Aluminum summarizes 10 steps process.
Industrial Profile

What Are Use for Industrial Aluminium Profile - 9 Types

29 Apr 2021

Summary: Due to the product characteristics of Industrial Aluminium Profile, it is very popular among major industries. For example, logistics industry, food industry, automation industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, etc. Different industries have different products that can be flexible according to production needs. Of course, industrial aluminum profiles are usually used in 9 types.

How to Judge Quality of Extrude Aluminum Frame Profile

20 Apr 2021

Summary: Because the quality of extruded aluminum frame profiles on the market is high and low, inferior products will be bought if you are not careful. Shenghai Aluminum profile manufacturer summarizes five methods for judging the quality of aluminum frame profile.
Industrial Profile

How to Choose Industrial Aluminium Profile Model from Shenghai

12 Apr 2021

Summary: We know that there are many specifications and models of industrial aluminium profile (commonly used 6063-T5 / 6061-T6). Shenghai Aluminum introduces four selection methods, which can be used as a reference for the selection of industrial aluminum profiles.

Aluminum Profiles Applications

7 Apr 2021

Summary: As an aluminum manufacturer, Shenghai specializes in customizing high-quality aluminum profiles. Focus on aluminum profiles for window and door, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe cabinet, aluminum tile trims, floor edges, carpet covers, aluminum frames, aluminum profiles for furniture, electrical panels, architectural profiles, industrial aluminum profiles and so on.

Our factory returned to work on 23th Feb, 2021

23 Feb 2021


Shenghai Aluminum is ISO9001 certified

20 Jan 2021

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