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The accessories of aluminum doors and windows are an indispensable part of the door and window system. They play various functions such as connection, opening, closing, locking, sealing, windproofing and waterproofing, and curtain installation. Common aluminum door and window parts include hinges, handles, slide rails, locks, weather strips, sealing strips, magnetic strips, and push-pull wheels.
Double Glazing Aluminum Spacer Bar For Window

Double Glazing Aluminum Spacer Bar For Window
Aluminum Angle Brackets 4560 for Window and Door Accessories

Aluminum Angle Brackets 4560 for Window and Door Accessories
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Accessories and Parts for Aluminum door and window

There are several accessories and parts that are commonly used for aluminum doors and windows. Some of these include:

Hinge: Used to connect the door and window with the door and window frame, which can make the door and window open and close.
Handle: Installed on the door and window, used to open and close the door and window.
Slide rail: Installed on the door or window to make the door or window slide smoothly.

Lock: Used to lock the doors and windows to ensure safety.
Windproof strip: Prevents sand, rain and other external objects from entering the room.
Seal strip: Installed at the seams of doors and windows to prevent sand, rain and other outside objects from entering the room and also to prevent indoor temperature loss.
Magnetic strip: installed at the edge of the door or window, making the door or window airtight.
Push-pull wheel: installed on the slide rail, which makes the door and window push and pulls smoothly.

When purchasing aluminum window and door accessories and parts, you need to ensure they are compatible with your window and door's specific model and size. So we can additionally equip customers with aluminum door and window accessories.
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