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Aluminum picture frames are a popular choice for framing photos, artwork, and other decorative items. They are lightweight and durable, making them a practical option for both home and commercial settings. As an aluminum extrusion factory, we can provide one-stop services including drawing, mold making, extrusion, and surface treatment. We are committed to offering high-quality aluminum picture frame products and OEM services. We promise to provide you with high-quality aluminum products. We ensure excellent product quality with a professional technical team, advanced production equipment, and management techniques. Whether you need large-scale production or small-batch orders, we can meet your needs and ensure the timely completion of production.
Deep Processing Aluminium Photo Frame from Shenghai

photo frame
Deep Processing Aluminium Photo Frame from Shenghai
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Why are picture frames made of Aluminium

Aluminum is a common material widely used in furniture, construction, and industrial manufacturing because of its low cost and easy customization. In these industries, aluminum alloys have become a very popular material.

Using aluminum alloy materials to make picture frames can better protect the artwork. Aluminum frames are corrosion-resistant and will not fade. In particular, by anodizing or powder-coating the aluminum profiles, not only can a protective layer be added, but also the decorative effect can be enhanced.

Many of our aluminum frames have been anodized. This process makes the surface of the aluminum frame more attractive and durable. This not only saves maintenance time but also achieves a better display effect. For example, their appearance does not change significantly using our aluminum frames in humid, rainy or sunny environments.

Shenghai Aluminum offers one-stop services, including drawing, mold making, extrusion, and surface treatment. We can customize production with any color, thickness, and style by opening molds.
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