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Solar Panel

Aluminum Profiles Become the Best Choice for Solar Industry

23 May 2023

Summary: Aluminum profile is a commonly used material with the advantages of lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for structural support and frame design of solar panels.
Kitchen Cabinet

Is Aluminum Profile Good for Kitchen Cabinet

17 May 2023

Summary: Aluminum profiles are the best material choice for cabinets. They are durable, waterproof, and anti-rust, with many colors and flexible design styles. Cost-effective, become the product of choice for customers.
Picture Frame

Aluminum Profile is the Best Choice for Picture Frame

9 May 2023

Summary: Aluminum profile is widely used in picture frames because aluminum is easy to process. Not only can be processed into various sizes, but also can be made into various color photo frames.

What Are Accessories for Slot Aluminum Profile

5 May 2023

Summary: Slot aluminum profile is widely used in industry and is often used with aluminum profile accessories. Aluminum slot accessories are rich in variety, such as bolts, nuts, corner fitting, corner brackets, etc.
LED Strip

Make Your Own LED Strip Aluminium Profile

25 Apr 2023

Summary: Aluminum LED strip profile is very popular. Our wide range of LED profile types can fulfill any surface requirement.

The company participated in the 133rd Canton Fair

19 Apr 2023

Summary: Shenghai Aluminum at 133rd Canton Fair, Hall 10.2 Building and Decorative Materials
Solar Panel Frame

Very Popular Aluminum Solar Panel Frames

15 Apr 2023

Summary: Aluminum frames are used in solar panels due to their lightweight, corrosion resistance, strength and durability and electrical conductivity, making them a suitable and popular choice for constructing solar panels.
Trim Strip

Aluminum Bullnose Trim Designed for Decoration

11 Apr 2023

Summary: Aluminum bullnose trim is a versatile and attractive design element that can help add style and sophistication to any interior or exterior space.
Aluminum Fabrication

What Are Processes Of Aluminum Fabrication

3 Apr 2023

Summary: Aluminum fabrication refers to the process of manipulating and shaping aluminum metal into finished products, structures, or components. This process involves various techniques such as CNC cutting, welding, bending, rolling, punching, and forming.

How To Customize Your Aluminum Enclosures

14 Mar 2023

Summary: Customized aluminum profile enclosures must consider multiple factors, including design requirements, aluminum profile selection, processing methods, surface treatment, etc. We are a manufacturer of aluminum enclosures and can provide a one-stop service.
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