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Aluminum Profiles - Applications and Classifications

16 Jul 2024

Summary: Aluminum profile is an aluminum alloy made by hot melting and extrusion. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and processing performance, it is widely used in construction, transportation, industry, and daily life and comes in a variety of shapes and specifications.

Shenghai Aluminum Solar Power Projects

15 Jul 2024

Summary: Shenghai Aluminum Solar Power Projects, 966kW + 616kW, environmental protection.

Shenghai History

4 Jul 2024

Summary: The history of Shenghai Aluminum

Aluminum Conductive Oxidation VS Anodized

26 Jun 2024

Summary: Aluminum conductive oxidation and anodizing are commonly used processing methods for aluminum profiles. The correct aluminum processing method can be selected according to the actual needs of the product.
Processing Method

What Are Processing Of Aluminum Profiles - 6 Methods

28 May 2024

Summary: There are 6 common ways to process aluminum profiles, including: surface treatment, cutting, bending, drilling, tapping, milling, etc.
Door and Window Profiles

Why Choose Aluminum Profiles For Doors And Windows

28 Apr 2024

Summary: Aluminum profiles are an inevitable choice for developing door and window systems. With the development of the door and window market, the requirements for materials are getting higher and higher, and extruded aluminum profiles are the best structure for doors and windows. Aluminum profiles are cost-effective, durable and high-strength. Compared with other materials, aluminum profiles must be the best material.

Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment

14 Mar 2024

Summary: Aluminum alloy heat treatment includes four processes: degradation, quenching, aging, and regression treatment. Although various problems will arise during the processing, they can be quickly solved based on the experimental report.

How To Choose Aluminum Alloy 6061 or 6063

26 Feb 2024

Summary: For aluminum profiles needing greater strength and hardness, opt for 6061; for excellent processing performance, choose 6063, widely utilized in construction and decoration.

Get More Knowledge Of Aluminum Extrusion Bending

10 Jan 2024

Summary: We have 15 years of professional experience in bending aluminum profiles, have a wealth of successful cases, and can ensure fast delivery and cost-effectiveness.

Aluminium Edging Strip: Aesthetic & Practical Combination

4 Jan 2024

Summary: High-quality aluminium edging strips, beautiful and durable, available in a variety of colors and shapes, suitable for many decorative places. It's a revolutionary combination of aesthetics and practicality.
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