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Edge Trim

Aluminum Edge Trim VS Stainless Steel Trim Strip

20 Sep 2022

Summary: There are many kinds of decorative trim, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc. So choose aluminum trim strip or stainless steel edge trim.
Folding Door

You Will Like This Aluminum Frame Folding Door

14 Sep 2022

Summary: Aluminum folding door extremely narrow frame series not only reduce the proportion of profiles, making the wide view but also fashionable style, unique and excellent decorative effect.
Folding Door

The Best Aluminum Folding Door for You

6 Sep 2022

Summary: Choosing aluminum doors can create a bright, spacious space for you. Aluminum folding doors have many advantages. Designed and manufactured entirely from the user's point of view.

How to Choose Your Own Aluminum Cabinet Handles

25 Aug 2022

Summary: Aluminum profile handles are not only corrosion resistant but also decorative and aesthetic. Nowadays, handle aluminum has become a stylish and practical household handle, widely used in furniture, cabinets, doors and windows.

How to Ensure a Good Anodized Aluminum Trim Strip

3 Aug 2022

Summary: To get a good anodised aluminium trim strip, you need to focus on the inside of the anodized pool and also have good anodized technology.
T slot

T Slot Aluminum Frame Is Best for your Industrial

14 Jul 2022

Summary: T Slot Aluminum Frame can complete your project quickly and efficiently. No welding required, module assembly.

Aluminium Handles Specifically Made For Furniture

5 Jul 2022

Summary: Aluminium handles are perfect for furniture. The various styles and beautifully crafted aluminium handles perfectly complement the luxury style of the furniture.
Anodized Finish

What is Hard Anodized Finish for Aluminum Profiles

22 Jun 2022

Summary: Hard anodized is characterized by thick oxide film and high hardness and is often used for wear resistance, heat resistance, and insulation.

Customized Large Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure Profile

7 Jun 2022

Summary: Our extruded large aluminum enclosure profiles can be customized in any color, size, or designed and produced to your needs.
Thermally Broken

Trusted Thermally Broken Aluminum Door and Window Factory

26 May 2022

Summary: Shenghai aluminum is a trustworthy thermally broken aluminum profile factory. Our thermally broken aluminum frame door & window can improve the energy efficiency of your home, office or building. Create a comfortable space.
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