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How to Use Aluminum Trim Strip

6 Jan 2022

Summary: SHENGHAI shares information about aluminum trim strips: style and size of aluminum strip, design and installation of aluminium trim strip.
CNC Machining

Shenghai CNC Machining Process of Aluminum Profiles

8 Dec 2021

Summary: Shenghai CNC machining aluminum profiles process includes cutting, milling, drilling, and tapping.
CNC Machining

Advantages of CNC Machining for Aluminum Extrusion

23 Nov 2021

Summary: The advantage of CNC Machining aluminum is over conventional. CNC machined can increase the production speed, increase the processing accuracy, increase efficiency and save cost.

About Advantages of Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink

3 Nov 2021

Summary: Compared with other materials, the aluminum heat sink has the advantages of high strength, good water and air tightness, good thermal conductivity, exquisite appearance, easy processing, etc.

How to Install Aluminium Skirting Board Profile

12 Oct 2021

Summary: Shenghai introduce the aluminum skirting profile installation method and precautions in detail.

What Reasons Affect Price Of Aluminum Profiles

23 Sep 2021

Summary: The price of aluminum profiles in each factory is different, but many factors will affect it. The most important thing is that the quality of the product matches the price.
Thermal Break

To Make Thermal Break Aluminium Profile

7 Sep 2021

Summary: Thermal break aluminium are used as frame of doors and windows, which have the functions of heat insulation, noise reduction, waterproof, fireproof and anti-fog. Compared with ordinary aluminum profiles, the aluminium thermal break has rich colors and good thermal insulation. To judge the quality of the thermal break aluminium mainly depends on the thickness and surface treatment.

Why Does LED Choose Extruded Aluminium Heatsink

24 Aug 2021

Summary: Because aluminum extrusion profile has special features, the LED aluminum heatsink is widely used.

What is 6 Series Aluminium Alloy

17 Aug 2021

Summary: About introducing features and applications of 6 series aluminium alloy.

What Are the Types of Shenghai Aluminium Edge Trim

9 Aug 2021

Summary: Shenghai has rich experience in aluminum edge trim. More than ten countries are cooperating with us about aluminium trims. Our aluminum trims are mainly used in building decoration.
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