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Aluminum Door

Must know types of aluminum door frame profile

22 Jan 2023

Summary: 4 common types of aluminum door frame profiles are the best choice for shopping malls, offices, apartments, schools, etc.
Surface Treatments

Benefits of Choosing Anodized Aluminum Profile

10 Jan 2023

Summary: This anodized film has good corrosion and abrasion resistance, which can effectively protect the surface of aluminum profiles from damage.
Aluminum Profile

To Know More Standard Aluminum Profile

5 Jan 2023

Summary: Standard aluminum profiles are widely used, with rich shapes and many types of deep processing.

Aluminum Rectangular Tubing Knowledge - 6061,6063

28 Dec 2022

Summary: Aluminum rectangular tubes are often used in frame work, support columns, gates, fencing, handrails, etc. The advantages are very numerous and very popular.

How To Cut Aluminum Skirting Board - Only 5 Steps

23 Dec 2022

Summary: Cutting aluminum skirting board is very easy. As long as you have the tools ready, you can proceed. There are detailed steps below, and you can do it now.
Curtain Wall

Top Aluminum Curtain Wall Profiles For You

15 Dec 2022

Summary: Selecting good aluminum profiles for curtain walls. Not only is it accessible to processing, but it also has excellent protection and decorative architectural features
LED Light Frame

Very Popular Aluminum Profile for Light Box

6 Dec 2022

Summary: Aluminum profile for LED light box is widely used indoor and outdoor. Very popular with advertising equipment and outdoor exhibition equipment companies.
Thermal Break

Top Quality Thermal Break Aluminum Window Frame Manufacturer

21 Nov 2022

Summary: Thermal break aluminum windows have become the product of choice in the market, surpassing windows made of other materials. Many thermally broken aluminum window and door frames are from China.
Trim Strip

What Is Decorative Metal Aluminum Trim Strip

15 Nov 2022

Summary: Aluminum decorative strips are produced by aluminum 6063 series material, widely used in building decoration. It provides a good solution for furniture decoration, floor trim, stair transition, etc.
LED Strip Channel

The Best Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting

8 Nov 2022

Summary: LED lights use aluminum as their enclosure, which is very popular among designers and LED light manufacturers. Because LED strip aluminum not only can gather light but also can dissipate heat, and at the same time, it is durable.
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