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The Company Participated in the 134th Canton Fair Phase 2, Oct 2023

30 Oct 2023

Summary: Our company participated in the phase 2 of the 134th Canton Fair, building materials exhibition area.

Aluminum Profile Frame Can Bring You More Value

24 Oct 2023

Summary: Application of aluminum frames is extensive, with varying thickness and surface treatments required for different usage environments and project needs. The versatility of aluminum frames can indeed add significant value to numerous projects.

Aluminum Corner Trim A Great Choice for Home Decor

25 Sep 2023

Summary: Aluminum corner trim is great for home decoration, not only giving it a nice appearance but also preventing wear and tear. There are various shapes, sizes, and options available.
Extrusion Profile

What Are The Different Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

12 Sep 2023

Summary: We can customize aluminum extrusion profiles according to customer demands and specific application requirements, allowing for customization in terms of shape, dimensions, materials, surface treatments, and usage.

Is Aluminum Extrusion The Best Choice For Your Project?

4 Sep 2023

Summary: The aluminum profile technology has become increasingly mature, and whether it's in the construction industry or home decoration, extruded profiles can fully meet all your requirements, providing the best profiles for your projects.
LED Profile

How Do I Choose An Aluminum LED Profile

21 Aug 2023

Summary: Aluminum LED profiles have a crucial position in LED lighting projects, because choosing the right LED profiles can improve the project effect with half the effort.
Surface Treatments

What Is The Aluminum Anodizing Process

26 Jul 2023

Summary: Aluminum parts that have been anodized are resistant to wear, do not rust over time, and are suitable for use in architectural finishes like doors, window profiles, LED light strip profiles, and aluminum edge trim for tiles.
Door and Window

Tips For Buying Aluminum Profiles For Door And Window

6 Jul 2023

Summary: When purchasing aluminum door and window profiles, consider their quality, material, appearance, wall thickness, etc. Size and surface treatment can be customized according to project requirements.
Surface Treatments

Aluminum Powder Coating Is the Best Choice for Your Product Finish

20 Jun 2023

Summary: With our extensive experience and expertise in aluminum powder coating, we can provide you with high-quality aluminum extrusion and powder-coated services to ensure that your aluminum profiles achieve the best results in terms of appearance and performance.
Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet, Which One Is Best

5 Jun 2023

Summary: Both aluminum and stainless steel cabinets are very popular with families, but all-aluminum cabinets are more popular. All aluminum cabinets have rich designs and color choices, which can coordinate with the overall decoration style of the family and enhance the overall aesthetics. Whether modern, minimalist or traditional style, all aluminum cabinets can find the right design and material to bring the family a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.
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