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Advantages of CNC Machining for Aluminum Extrusion

Updated: 23 Nov 2021
CNC machining is a CNC program controlled CNC machine tool and knives accessories to process aluminum alloy. The high-precision aluminum CNC machining service allows extruded aluminum profile products to complete the required processing procedures at one time.
Compared with conventional processing, CNC can save a lot of operators. For example, in manual turning, each machine must have a skilled technician, while in CNC machining, an experienced person can operate several machines. So CNC machined can increase the production speed, increase the processing accuracy, increase efficiency and save cost.
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Benefits of CNC Machining aluminum
1. The use of CNC processing can reduce the amount of tooling. No matter how complicated the precision parts are, no complex and tedious tooling steps are required. If the product structure, size, and appearance change, we only need to adjust the processing procedure to complete.
2. The CNC processing center has the advantages of high aging, high precision, high quality, etc., and can complete the processing of aluminum alloys with complex structures. So now, many companies will adopt CNC machined after they design their products.
3. The CNC machining process can ensure production efficiency, adapt to small batch processing of multiple materials and multiple products, and save time and cost to the greatest extent.
4. Different from traditional machining, CNC machining is more comprehensive and uses CNC programming. Conventional processing of precision parts that are difficult to process and parts with complex structures. CNC can be programmed and processed at one time, and it can guarantee ultra-high precision.
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Customized Aluminum Extrusion Profiles & CNC Machining Service
China Shenghai is an aluminum extrusion, deep processing(CNC machining, anodized, powder coated) all in one manufacturer. CNC machining service is one of the projects. We have more than 10 CNC machines, which can meet customers' processing and copying aluminum profiles. Currently the main deep processing products: aluminum heat sink, aluminum handles, aluminum electronic enclosure box, aluminum solar panel, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum LED strip, etc. For more information on Shenghai CNC machining service, contact us or request a quote today.

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