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Aluminum CNC Machining

Customized your Aluminum CNC Machining Project

Aluminum offers excellent machinability, durability, low weight, and low cost for various parts in various industries.
Shenghai Aluminum is a professional aluminum extrusion and deep processing manufacturer. We have a team of professional engineers and advanced industrial equipment. If you are looking for a professionalaluminum CNC machining factoryfor your aluminum machining project. Then, you can get a professional and comprehensive CNC machining service with us. There are many types of aluminum and geometries for you to choose us. At Shenghai Aluminum, almost all CNC machining workshops can manufacture aluminum parts according to your needs, whether simple, machined, or complex geometries with tight tolerances. In addition, we offer aluminum profiles surface treatments such as anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis, sandblasting, lacquering, etc.

CNC machining aluminum extrusion profiles Aluminum Fabrication CNC machining for aluminium frame

Custom aluminum CNC machining parts

Shenghai Aluminum provides a full range of services for custom aluminum profiles, from extrusion to CNC machining, in-house assembly and packaging of your aluminum parts. We will help you reduce a lot of scratches and waste rates from the production process to the shipping process, ensuring that your aluminum parts get the best production and shipping quality.
Quick design
Fast delivery
Great prices
Quick access to aluminum prototype

Aluminum extrusion profile CNC

CNC Machining Aluminum Profile Product

CNC milling Aluminum Handles
CNC machining Aluminum Edge Trim Strip
CNC machining Aluminum LED Strip Frame
Aluminum Handles
Aluminum Edge Trim Strip
Aluminum LED Strip Frame
Aluminum Heat Sink CNC machined
CNC milling Aluminum Electronic Enclosure
CNC Machined for Industrial Aluminum Part
Aluminum Heat Sink
Aluminum Electronic Enclosure
Industrial Aluminum Part

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Aluminum Fabrication CNC machining process

Our Aluminum CNC Machining Advantages

If you need help with your custom aluminum machining project. With our CNC machining expertise, we will be your most competent and trustworthy supplier. Our strict implementation of ISO 9001 quality system standards, combined with efficient production processes and flexible custom engineering, allows us to deliver complex projects in a short time and with excellent product quality.
Shenghai Aluminum provides a full range of services for custom aluminum profiles, from extrusion to CNC machining, in-house assembly and packaging of your aluminum parts. We will help you reduce a lot of scratches and waste rates from the production process to the shipping process, ensuring that your aluminum parts get the best production and shipping quality.

1. Low weight
The light weight of aluminum is a feature that is important when machining aluminum parts for specific industries.

2. Excellent machinability
Aluminum profile is easy to shape, drill and fold and can create even the most complex shapes.

3. Corrosion resistance
Corrosion resistance is another significant advantage of aluminum, as it helps to protect it from oxidation. Combined with a range of finishes and coatings, this ensures that your parts will serve you well for a long time.

4. Electrical conductivity
Aluminum has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Making it suitable for various applications similar to copper and other conductive materials.

5. Low cost

6. Overall versatility

Application of Aluminum CNC Machining Products

Our aluminum products are widely used in home decoration, indoor and outdoor tile decoration, automobile, civil facade construction, curtain wall and other industries, and have been highly recognized by customers. Our aluminum parts are stable in quality and free from defects, which can meet various requirements of customers.
Aluminum parts are found everywhere and are one of the most popular materials to work with due to their machinability, strength, and versatility. Its low cost makes it ideal for prototypes, end-use products, and customized tools for molding.

1. Electronic components
2. Window and door frames
3. Automotive parts
4. Enclosures, brackets, and other components for aerospace applications that must support heavy-duty capabilities but are light in weight
5. Fixture, calipers, and various other parts for industrial equipment
6. Panels, consoles, knobs, enclosures, and other applications for electronic consumer

aluminum heat sink cnc milling
auto spare cnc milling parts
cnc milling aluminum bracket
CNC machining metal aluminum parts
extruded aluminum heat sink
cnc machined aluminum frame part

Aluminum Alloy Series CNC Machining - Shenghai Aluminum

Aluminum 6061
As the most versatile heat treatable alloy, highly machinable aluminum 6061 is used in many new products, from laptop computers to large architectural features.

Aluminum 6063
Aluminum 6063 is often used in construction, is strong and corrosion resistant, and offers an excellent finish.

Aluminum 7075
Aluminum 7075 is one of the strongest machinable aluminum alloys and is therefore used in the aerospace industry and beyond.

Aluminum 2024
Aluminum 2024 has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and fatigue resistance and is commonly used in vehicles.

aluminum alloy series

We are your best manufacturer of aluminum CNC machining services

Shenghai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of precision extruded aluminum components, providing various types and specifications of aluminum products. With modern equipment and advanced technology, we can meet various special needs of customers, including processing needs in CNC aluminum extrusion, CNC milling, CNC cutting and CNC turning.
We have been committed to providing high-quality and efficient services to create customer value. If you need aluminum products or processing, please contact us, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

1. Super fast delivery (3-7 days)
Rapid evaluation and structural design of aluminum profile parts, prototype production within 24 hours, advanced system CNC machine 20+, as fast as 3 days for prototype and 7 days for shipment.

2. High precision and tight tolerances (±0.01mm)
We can produce parts to tight tolerances. We also use precision tool holders and tooling to ensure optimum precision and accuracy.

3. Experienced Engineers
Our six engineers have more than 20 years of experience and can handle challenging projects.

4. Aluminium surface treatment
Any surface treatment for your aluminum parts according to your requirements

Aluminum cnc machining factory cnc machining parts supplier factory CNC laser cutting aluminum profiles

Customized Aluminum CNC Machining Services for you

Are you looking for top support for aluminum CNC machining services in China? Feel free to contact the team of engineers at Shenghai Aluminum. We accept all orders from small to large quantities. Contact us today and let us complete the perfect aluminum CNC machining project for you.

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