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Very Popular Aluminum Profile for Light Box

Updated: 6 Dec 2022
According to the data on aluminum profile usage, more and more LED light box factories prefer to choose extruded aluminum as light box frame. The aluminum profile light box has the advantage of corrosion resistance, so it is ideal for use in the outdoor environment.
Aluminum LED light box profile supplierAluminium frame for corner led light box

Types of light box aluminum profile 

There are 4 types of light box profiles, and customers can customize their aluminum lightbox frames according to their needs.
1. Corner light box profile
The corner lightbox profile and corner connection are plastic, specifications: 3cm,5cm, single side 9cm, double side 9cm,10cm,12.5cm,13cm,14cm,16cm.
2. Bending light box aluminum profile
Bendable aluminium lightbox extrusion needs to be bent into specific shapes with special bending machines, which can be bent into square, round, oval, etc. They are widely used in producing blister light boxes, specifications: 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, and 15cm.
3. Ultra slim light box aluminum profile
The opened ultra-slim aluminum frame light box is used to make all kinds of ultra-thin light boxes with beautiful, easy-to-change screens and other characteristics. Specifications: width 4cm, 6cm, 5cm; thickness 2.8cm, 4cm, 45cm.
4. LED display aluminum frame
The Aluminum LED display box frame has two kinds of curved and straight specifications: width of 9cm and length of 6cm.
Aluminum extrusion LED light box profile

Advantages of lightbox aluminium profile

1. Aluminum light box countertop is one piece and will never be cracked.
2. environmental protection.
3. good impermeability; even if it rains, you do not have to worry about the lightbox will be wet.
4. good cleaning and will not rust. A wipe of water will be clean.
5. durable, not easy to change color.
Aluminum Profile for Light Box

Aluminum profile light box application

Aluminum advertising poster lightbox is suitable for indoor and outdoor, distributed on both sides of roads and streets, as well as in cinemas, exhibitions, commercial areas, stations, airports, docks, parks, and other public places.

If you are looking for aluminum frames for your advertising equipment, LED displays, exhibition equipment, etc., Shenghai Aluminum can help you customize various aluminum profiles. And provide you with feasible and reliable solutions. We are a trusted supplier of aluminum light box profiles.
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