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Shenghai CNC Machining Process of Aluminum Profiles

Updated: 8 Dec 2021
There are many processing methods for deep processing aluminum extrusion profiles. CNC machining is one of them. As a manufacturer integrating extrusion and deep processing, Shenghai has complete equipment and professional production technology. The advantages of CNC machined aluminum profiles are cost saving, high precision machining, and high yield. So about CNC machining, what processing procedures do we have?

1. Laser cutting
Aluminum profile cutting is a CNC machining process which is a very simple machining method. The maximum cutting accuracy error can reach ±0.3mm. Aluminum profile cutting equipment and operators will directly affect the profile cutting accuracy.
Commonly used cutting processes for aluminum profiles include 900 cutting, 450 cutting and 1350 cutting processes. CNC machines can also, according to customer needs cutting into different angles to achieve assembly of different regular angles.

2. CNC drilling
Industrial aluminum profiles have a variety of connection methods and according to different connection methods drilling. Common drilling methods include through holes and stepped holes. The through hole is mainly used to connect bolts (half-round head) fast. Ladder holes are mainly used for special fastening connectors (built-in connectors, inner connectors). Drilling is the most common and high-tech process in CNC aluminum processing.
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3. CNC tapping
Aluminum profile tapping is external thread tapping. Aluminum profile tapping processing is to perform thread tapping on the tapping holes at the end of the aluminum profile according to the technical requirements of the design drawings for the fastening and connection of the later frame. The commonly used specifications of tapping holes are φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12, φ14, etc. The length of the bolt determines the depth of the hole, and the commonly used are M8, M12, M14, M16, etc. Generally, when the thickness of the aluminum profile is sufficient, it can be tapped.

4. CNC Milling
The conventional frame assembly of aluminum profiles does not require CNC milling for processing. However, under special circumstances, when non-standard parts and profiles are used together and function expansion, it is necessary to perform CNC milling processing on aluminum profiles according to technical requirements.
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Many aluminum products need to undergo deep processing to meet the use requirements. Shenghai often CNC machining aluminum products including heat sink aluminum, aluminum handles, industrial aluminum parts, aluminum enclosure box, aluminum profiles for door&window accessories, fix joint aluminum, etc.

In addition to CNC machining, we also have anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis, wood grain, etc.
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