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Must know types of aluminum door frame profile

Updated: 22 Jan 2023

What is aluminum door frame profile

Aluminum door frame profile refers to the shape and design of the frame that surrounds an aluminium door. It is the cross-sectional shape of the frame that is extruded from aluminum bar. These profiles can come in various shapes and sizes to fit different types of doors and can also be customized for specific applications. The aluminium door frame profile can include reinforcement ribs, thermal breaks, and gasket grooves to enhance the frame's performance.

It is typically made by extrusion process and the profile is designed to have an optimal resistance to deformation and corrosion and to provide a tight seal around the door.

Hollow Aluminum Door Frame

Types of hollow aluminum door frame profile

Single Rabbet profile

A single rabbet profile on an aluminum door refers to the construction of the door's frame. The rabbet is a groove cut into the edge of the door frame that allows the door panel to sit flush within the frame. A single rabbet means that only one groove is cut into the frame, as opposed to a double or triple rabbet.

Double Rabbet Profile

A double rabbet profile on an aluminum door refers to the shape of the door's edge where the door panel fits into the frame. The double rabbet refers to two grooves, or recesses, cut into the edge of the door panel, allowing it to fit securely into the frame and seal tightly when closed.

Aluminum Door Double Egress Profile Aluminum Door Single Rabbet profile
Double Egress Profile

An aluminum door with a double egress profile typically refers to a door that has two points of egress or exit points. This type of door is often used in commercial or public buildings as a safety feature to allow for easy and quick exit in an emergency. The double egress profile also allows for a wider opening which is useful for wheelchair access.

Cased Opening Profile

A cased opening profile for a metal interior door frame is a type of trim or molding used to cover the gap between the door frame and the drywall or wall surface surrounding the door. It is typically made of aluminum and is designed to match the color and finish of the door itself. The cased opening profile is used to give a finished and polished look to the installation of the door. The cased opening profile helps to create a seamless and finished look for the door installation and can also provide additional support and stability for the door.

Aluminum Door Frame Double Rabbet Profile types of aluminum door frame profile
The 4 types of hollow aluminum door frame profiles introduced above can meet the needs of aluminum doors. We are an aluminum extrusion factory and can customize any aluminium door and window frame profiles. To know the size of profiles you need and other questions, you can contact our aluminum window and door profile engineers to order your aluminum frames.

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