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Aluminum Door & Window

Updated: 11 Dec 2021

The Best Aluminum Extrusion Door and Window Frame Supplier

Extruded aluminum frame door & window is becoming more and more popular, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider. According to customer needs, we can design a place suitable for customers to live or office. Whether hot and dry or humid and rainy countries or regions, custom-designed aluminum frame door window Shenghai can solve these problems.
Shenghai is the best aluminum extrusion manufacturer in China. We provide more than 15 custom-designed door and window solutions for Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe, America, Thailand, countries or regions, and have won Like from customers.
Aluminum extrusion door and window frame finished

Our Aluminum Extrusion Frame Door & Window Application

  • Aluminium office partition
  • Commercial door and window
  • Residential door and window
  • Curtain walls
  • Furniture wardrobe and kitchen cabinet
  • Decoration profiles
  • Industrial window and door

Types of Aluminum Door and Window Profiles

there are mainly flat door, sliding door and folding door

1. Flat door has good airtightness and can effectively prevent wind, sand, dust, or other impurities from entering the house; security, aluminum alloy material, is very convenient and safe to use.
2. Sliding door has simple operation and smooth sliding; it is convenient to divide and effectively use the space of the house; it has a good sound insulation effect; it is conducive to the light and transparency of the overall indoor space.
3. Folding door
After the folding door is opened, it can be moved to the side. The room is more transparent and will appear broader. It has the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation, moisture-proof, fire-proof and flame-retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation.

Our Aluminum Profiles Door Customer Story

China Shenghai aluminum flat door
China Shenghai aluminum sliding door
China Shenghai aluminum folding door
Aluminum Flat Door Aluminum Sliding Door Aluminum Folding Door

Window: sliding windows (including left and right sliding windows, up and down sliding windows), casement windows (including inner and outer windows) and top-hung windows.
1. Sliding windows has beautiful appearance; large window width, large glass block, wide field of vision, high daylighting rate; flexible and safe use; long service life; open in a plane and occupy less space;
2. Casement windows are characterized by large opening area and ventilation; good airtightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, and strong impermeability;
3. Top-hung windows are characterized by ventilation and safety. It is widely used in buildings.

Our Aluminum Window Customer Story
China aluminum Sliding windows
China aluminum Casement windows
China shenghai aluminum Top-hung windows
Aluminum Sliding Window
Aluminum Casement Window
Aluminum Top-hung Window

What Can We Do

We can custom aluminumextrusions for door and window according to your requirement.
Shenghai aluminum extrustion framing door and window application
1.Surface treatment (The surface treatment of aluminum door and window profiles mainly uses anodizing to make the surface of the profile silver-white. Surface treatment can enhance the appearance of the profile and prolong the service life of the aluminum door and window profiles.)
Anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis, wood grain, ect.
2.CNC machining aluminum
drilling, precise cutting, milling, turning, pocketing, facing, punching, tapping, etc.
silver, white, black, bronze, champagne, golden or customized.
Aluminum profiles surface treament

Why Choose Us As Aluminium Profiles Supplier

Shenghai is the best aluminum profiles door & window and deep processing supplier.
Established over 11 years ago, our company has been one of China's best aluminum profile suppliers. And since 2011, when we started exporting our products, we have become one of the best suppliers in the world.
Shenghai aluminum profile door and window
Aluminum Profile Framing Door & Window Series

We offer a wide and diverse range of windows and doors of top-notch quality, which can satisfy your house or office needs. Our interior and exterior aluminum door and window frames are of a high value and high utility design to eliminate street noise.
We can offer aluminum door and window extrusion designs. Shenghai has a team of design engineers ready to assist you with custom designs.
If you want to know more, please feel free to fill the inquiry form and contact us.

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