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How to Choose Your Aluminum Profiles Finish

Updated: 9 Feb 2022
Many customers consider the price and the surface treatment when purchasing aluminum profiles. In order to make the aluminum material achieve its purpose of use, it will be anodized or powder coat.
Maybe you are wondering how to choose aluminum surface treatment correctly? Let's analyze Anodizing VS Powder Coat to provide you with the right direction of choice.

What is anodizing
Anodizing treatment of aluminum profiles is a surface treatment method of aluminum profiles. It is to form an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile.
The anodizing process uses aluminum material as the anode. It uses the electrolysis method to form a thick oxide film on the surface (the thickness of the anodized film is 25-150 microns). Through this artificial anodized aluminum surface treatment method, the performance of the aluminum material is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and can be colored into various colors.
anodized finish aluminum extrusion profiles
What is powder coated
Powder coating is based on the adsorption principle of high voltage electrostatic. The aluminum profile is used as the positive electrode, and the powder particles in the spray gun are used as the negative electrode. Through the action of static electricity, the powder is uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the profile and then heated to melt and solidify to form an evenly and flat coating layer.
china aluminium powder coating colours
Anodizing VS Powder Coat
Anodized Aluminum
A protective film is formed on the aluminum profiles surface after anodization if the aluminum material is applied outdoors. In this way, the aluminum profile is not easy to be oxidized and corroded, and extended life of extruded profiles, and the appearance is also guaranteed.
If it is used in electronics, such as hard disk enclosures, heat sink, etc. After anodized, the surface of the aluminum material is non-conductive, and it also protects the circuit. In addition, somes aluminum profiles can be anodized to various colors, fonts, etc.
Of course, aluminum anodizing has low production cost, easy maintenance, and produces stable products.
china aluminium powder coating colours
Aluminum Powder Coated
Powder coating has a protective effect on the aluminum profile. In addition to high corrosion resistance, powder-coated aluminum profiles also have the advantages of diverse colors, unique textures, and good surface texture. Powder coating provides relatively good protection at a lower cost than anodizing.
Mainly used indoors and windows, curtain walls.

No matter which surface treatment method is chosen, it depends on the use and requirements of the aluminum profile product. Anodizing and Powder Coat are both friendly surface treatment methods for aluminum profiles.
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