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Aluminum CNC Machining Choose China Shenghai

Updated: 23 Mar 2022

Why choose CNC machining for the aluminum profile? What are the advantages of CNC machining?

Aluminum CNC machining products include aluminum parts, aluminum shells, etc. With the rise of mobile phones, computers, power banks, and auto parts, the requirements for the machining accuracy of aluminum parts are getting higher and higher. Therefore, aluminum CNC machining is very suitable for these requirements, and it can produce aluminum alloy parts in large quantities and with high precision.

The principle of CNC machining of aluminum alloys is to use an automatic control system to install digital programs. In this way, it is possible to command and control the automatic start and stop, reversing and shifting the CNC machine tool bearings. You can also select CNC blades and change the cutting depth and the walking trajectory according to the CNC blades to complete various auxiliary actions required in processing.
CNC machining for aluminum profile
Benefits of Aluminum CNC Service
CNC machining aluminum profile processing mainly using milling, drilling, tapping, etc.
1.The number of tooling is significantly reduced, and complex tooling is not required to process parts with complex shapes. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.
2.Stable processing quality, high processing precision and high repeatability.
3. In the case of multi-variety and small batch production, the production efficiency is high.
4. It can process complex profiles and even some unobservable processing parts.

Precision aluminum extrusion CNC deep processing. We can further process aluminium profiles in various surface treatment and machining methods, such as cutting, punching, drilling, tapping, milling, bending, welding, etc. As our customer, you can also order finished products. This means that creating finished pieces is very cost-effective and sustainable.

China SHENGHAI aluminum is a company that integrates extrusion and deep processing. Among them, CNC machining is one of our services. Shenghai has dozens of CNC machine tools to process complex aluminum profiles.
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