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Black Anodised Aluminum Heatsink for Electrical Enclosure

Black Anodized Aluminum Heatsinks Extrusion for Enclosure
Black Anodized Aluminum Heatsinks Extrusion for EnclosureCNC machining anodised extruded aluminum metal heatsinkCNC machining anodized aluminium heat sink
Black Anodised Aluminum Heatsink for Electrical Enclosure
6061/6063 Series
Mill Finished
Material & Temper:
Aluminum 6063-T5 / 6061-T6
0.5mm-12mm Customized for aluminum
Surface Treatment:
Mill finish, powder coated, anodized, electrophoresis, Polishing
High Precision CNC Machining
Deep Process:
Precise cutting, drilling, milling, fabricating
High quality, anti-scratch, anti-deformation
Custom Available


Product Description
Extruded heat sink, also known as heat sink extrusion or aluminum extrusion heat sink, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, lightweight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy-saving effect.
Aluminium 6063 is a commonly used aluminum heatsink material with good thermal conductivity and processability. With its long-accumulated technical experience and production process, SHENGHAI creates aluminum alloy profiles with good thermal conductivity and other characteristics and develops customized heatsink profiles to meet customers' product differentiation, specialization, and personalization requirements. The surface of the finished extruded heat sink is anodized to improve the aluminium's corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and appearance. The commonly used aluminum heatsinks extrusion in China are electronic heat sinks, computer heat sinks, sunflower heat sinks, power semiconductor heat sinks, etc.

This Black anodised aluminum heatsinks extrusion electrical enclosure has the following features:
Common aluminum alloy used for extrusion: Aluminum 6063, 98.9 % aluminum
Common Temper : T5, Can be made in various tempers
Our aluminum extrusion heat sink enclosure is relatively low in cost

Product Application
LED Lighting
Central processing units (Computers, TV)
Transistors, Lasers
Forced Air Heating and Cooling
Solar Thermal Systems
Other electronic equipment
Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink

Our Factory
CNC machining aluminum extrusion profile factory cutting machine for deep processing aluminum profile
CNC processing aluminum extrusion profile  CNC machining aluminum extrusion profile -1
China Shenghai powder coated aluminum profile Sanding silver matt aluminum profile
China Shenghai Aluminium Profile factory

Product Information
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Copper, Brass, Plastic, etc
Process: CNC Machining (Turning, Milling, Drilling)
Surface Treatment: Polishing, Sandblasting, Anodizing, Brushing, Powder Coating, Electroplating, Zinc Plating, Silk-screen
Tolerance: +-0.01 mm
Quality Control: 100% checking before ship
Drawing Format: PDF/DWG/IGS/STP etc.
Our Advantage: Superior in Quality, Reasonable in Price and Deliver On Time
Packaging: Wood case or carton box,
  • With plastic bag,with pearl-cotton package.
  • To be packed in cartons or wood case.
  • Use glues tape to seal cartons.or pin tight the wood case with nail.
  • Deliver out by DHL,FEDEX.
  • Or according to customers' requirement.

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