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Why Does LED Choose Extruded Aluminium Heatsink

Updated: 24 Aug 2021

Like all electronic parts, LED generates heat and temperature rise during use or operation. If the heat dissipation problem is ignored, it will cause the LED to burn out prematurely due to high temperatures. Therefore, the LED light must be equipped with a heat sink. We all know that there are heat sinks of various materials on the market, such as aluminum alloy, cast iron, steel, copper, etc. But why do LED lights choose extruded aluminum heatsinks?
Shenghai aluminum LED heat sin Shenghai aluminum LED heatsink

Aluminum alloy is the best heat dissipation material in the production of LED lamps. Because aluminum alloy has a good heat dissipation coefficient, the aluminum LED heat sink price is very favorable. Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, which can help LED lights to dissipate heat well. In addition, the aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of lightweight, which is convenient for installation and transportation. LED heat sink is usually sunflower aluminum profiles. The aluminum heatsink for LED light material is aluminum alloy 6063.

China Foshan SHENGHAI has more than ten years of extruded aluminum profiles production technology and accumulated rich technical experience. We can produce aluminum heatsink according to the characteristics of aluminum profile thermal conductivity. Aluminum heat sink profiles can perform various surface treatments (drawing, electroplating, anodizing, baking, etc.). To satisfy customer-specific LED heat sinks. Due to the extruded aluminum LED heatsink with multi-color varieties, no solder joints, strong decoration, beautiful, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, is more and more popular. 

By understanding aluminum LED heatsink, we believe that customers can choose the right led heat sinks to protect the LED lamps and maintain the life of the LED.
China Shenghai extruded aluminum LED heatsinkShenghai Aluminium extrusion heat sink profiles

As a professional aluminum profile company, we are very experienced in extruded aluminum heatsinks. Cooperating with us aluminum heatsink customers include Poland, Mauritius, Malaysia, Finland, Russia, Mexico and other countries and regions. At present, our extruded aluminium heat sink profiles are mainly used in: electronics, electrical appliances, computers, power semiconductors, chassis, audio, LED light, etc.

If you need to customize your aluminum heat sink, please feel free to contact us. We can provide a complete set of mold opening customization, aluminum profile extrusion, surface treatment, and deep processing.



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