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Why Choose Aluminum Profiles For Doors And Windows

Updated: 28 Apr 2024
Doors and windows are the heart of a building. As the core component of a building's facade, the quality of doors and windows directly affects the safety and durability of the building. Doors and windows not only fulfill the functions of ventilation and lighting, but also function as moisture-proof, heat insulation and heat preservation.

Improving the quality of life is an eternal pursuit of mankind. Whether it is a new building or renovating an existing structure, doors and windows, as the most basic elements, must be considered first. Through the design and transformation of building doors and windows, the building can exude new vitality, constantly introduce the old and bring out the new, allowing people to enjoy the architectural achievements while quietly changing people's lifestyles.

Most frame materials used in household aluminum alloy doors and windows are 6063-T5 profiles. The 6063-T5 profile has good processability, extrusion and plating properties, corrosion resistance, flexibility, anodizing effect, etc. Generally, 6063-T5 aluminum alloy profiles are the first choice for system doors and windows due to their high strength and weather resistance.
Aluminum 6063 Profile for door and window Aluminum Profiles For Doors And Windows

Why choose Aluminum 6063 profile

The 6063-T5 alloy is more optimized, improving the quenching strength during the extrusion production process and increasing the heat preservation time of the aging process. Whether hardness, tensile strength, yield strength, processability, or elongation after break, 6063-T5 profiles are significantly better than ordinary profiles.

High strength
Strength indicators mainly include tensile strength and yield strength, which measure the material's ability to withstand load without destruction and are important factors affecting the safety performance of doors and windows. The strength of the profile directly affects the wind pressure resistance, load-bearing, and other properties of doors and windows and is the primary guarantee for maintaining a high safety factor for doors and windows.

High hardness
Hardness is the ability of a material to resist deformation or damage. Higher hardness profiles can improve the safety performance and impact resistance of doors and windows. They are less likely to deform or cause serious damage when doors and windows are subjected to extreme external forces, such as super typhoons or violent impacts.

High toughness
The elongation after fracture is an important indicator of the toughness of the profile. The higher the elongation rate, the better the flexibility of the profile and, therefore, the greater the ability of the profile to resist deformation, which can reduce catastrophic fracture damage.

The 6063-T5 profile has strong processing performance. Some door and window systems require bending, welding, and other processes, which can be processed into the shape needed for the customer. Moreover, the surface treatment requirements of door and window profiles are diverse, and 6063 can be suitable for anodizing, surface coating, electrophoresis, etc. After surface treatment of 6063 aluminum door and window profiles, the profile has better surface strength, strong corrosion resistance, and a beautiful surface.
Aluminum extrusion door and window

Is the thicker the profile, the better the quality?

The thickness of the broken bridge aluminum door and window products is not selected based on the minimum wall thickness in the specification. Still, it is selected based on the door and window hole size, wind pressure value, and designed door and window air tightness, water tightness, and other requirements. Under the condition of ensuring product safety, performance, environmental protection and other requirements, the thicker the wall thickness of door and window profiles does not mean the better the product quality. Therefore, when choosing door and window profiles, it depends more on the quality and workmanship of the profiles.
As a professional extrusion supplier of door and window profiles, Shenghai Aluminum provides trustworthy extrusion profiles. As door and window systems continue to innovate and upgrade, Shenghai Aluminum door and window profiles will also make different adjustments with the development of door and window systems. Whether it is design or processing technology, we can provide reliable and excellent solutions for door and window system companies.
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