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What Surface Treatments Does Shenghai Aluminum Profiles Have

Updated: 6 Jul 2021

There are many kinds of surface treatments for aluminum profiles, which actually improve the performance and aesthetics of aluminum profiles. Shenghai aluminum has more than 10 years of experience. What surface treatments does shenghai aluminum profiles have? There are about seven types: Mill finish, Powder coated, Anodized, Wood grain, Electrophoresis, Polishing, Brushed, etc.
Shenghai sand blasting

1.Mill finish

Mill finish aluminum means extrusion products without any surface treatment. The aluminum profile is extruded directly from the extrusion die. The appearance is the natural color of aluminum and it is sliver. Without any surface treatment, there will be some die lines and marks on the surface. It is widely used in the inner decoration and inner parts of finished products. Compared with other aluminum surface treatments, the price of mill finish aluminum profile is lower.
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2.Powder coated

SHENGHAI is very experienced in powder coated. First, electrostatic spraying equipment is used to spray the powder coating on the surface of the profile aluminium extrusion. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of aluminum extruded products, forming a powdery coating. When the powder coating undergoes high-temperature baking, leveling and curing, it will become the final coating with different effects. The spraying result far exceeds the spray painting process regarding mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Shenghai powder coated aluminium extrusions surface treatment: sand blasting silver matt, shiny, sand grain, metal powder etc.

Extrusion aluminum profile powder coated colors include white, cream, copper, bronze, gray, blue, black, etc.
shenghai Powder coated


Anodized aluminum profile refers to the process in which aluminum forms an oxide film on the aluminum profile product (anode) due to the action of external current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. Anodized aluminum extrusions profiles can be dyed with electrolytic coloring.

Anodized aluminum extrusions profiles feature: Improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather corrosion resistance of parts; The transparent film generated by oxidation can be colored into various colored films (for example, Silver, Champagne, Bronze, Golden, Black, or customized); Improve the bonding force with the organic coating, as the coating bottom layer. It is in line with the personalized pursuit of current customers.

In addition to making anodized Silver, Champagne, copper, Bronze, Golden, Black, we can also customize various colors according to customer needs. For example, anodized acid sliver matt, alkali silver matt.
Shenghai Anodized aluminum profile

4.Wood grain

Shenghai wood grain surface treatment includes vacuum transfer, water transfer, wood grain coating. Wood grain has strong adhesion to aluminum materials, is non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, and is easy to clean. The product lines are clear and accurate, the three-dimensional sense is strong, and the appearance decoration effect is good. Wood grain is widely used in doors&windows, furniture, interior and exterior decoration, building materials industries, etc., and is very popular with customers.
Shenghai Wood grain


Aluminum profile electrophoresis refers to placing the extruded aluminum alloy in the electrophoresis tank. The process of forming a thick resin film on the surface after the direct current is applied. The electrophoretic aluminum profile is very bright and has a mirror effect, which also improves corrosion resistance.

The main features of our electrophoretic aluminum extrusion profiles products:

(1).It has strong paint film hardness and strong impact resistance;

(2). It has high paint film adhesion and is not easy to fall off and age;

(3). It has stronger wear resistance, weather resistance and alkali resistance than alumina material;

(4). The surface is colorful and beautiful, with a mirror-like gloss effect.
Shenghai Electrophoresis

6. Polishing

Our aluminum extrusion profiles mainly use mechanical polish and chemical polishing. Compared with other polishing methods such as electrolytic polishing and ultrasonic polishing, mechanical polishing has higher surface smoothness, which is the highest among various aluminum profile polishing methods. This method is often used for optical lens molds. We mainly polish the color of aluminum extrusion products includes mechanical/chemical polish silver, chemical polish silver, mechanical polish champagne, mechanical polish bronze, mechanical polish golden, mechanical polish black, etc.
shenghai polishing aluminum extrusion profiles


We brushed aluminum profiles into various lines according to customer needs, such as straight lines, cross lines, chaotic lines, threads, grooves, and spiral lines. More and more aluminum profile products use metal wire drawing technology to achieve aesthetics and corrosion resistance. Make the product have elements of fashion and technology. Therefore, it is more and more popular with customers. The colors of Shenghai's various double-sided brushed aluminum profiles are silver, grey, champagne(dark/light), copper, bronze, gold, black, etc.
shenghai brushed aluminum profiles

Through the above introduction, we learned that China Shenghai could produce aluminum extrusions profile surface treatment including Mill finish, Powder coated, Anodized, Wood grain, Electrophoresis, Polishing, Brushed, etc.

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