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What Reasons Affect Price Of Aluminum Profiles

Updated: 23 Sep 2021
In the market, we will find that aluminum profiles produced by different manufacturers will have different prices. Why are the prices of aluminum profiles different? If the price is significantly lower than the average market price, it is necessary to consider whether it is low-quality. Therefore, when customers choose aluminum profiles, they select products that match the price and quality.
I believe everyone wants to know what causes the different prices of aluminium profiles. Listed below are the reasons that affect the price of aluminum profile.

shenghai extruded aluminium profiles
1. Raw material cost
Aluminum profile is formed by extrusion of raw material aluminium rod. Aluminium extrusion profile has different specifications and different shapes. There are many types of aluminum rods, and the prices of aluminium rods of other materials are different, and the spot price of aluminum rods is not fixed. The aluminium profile factory needs to give an approximate price of raw materials for extruded aluminium profiles based on changes in market prices.
2. Production cost
Aluminum profiles need to go through multiple processing procedures such as mold opening, extrusion, and surface treatment in the production process. Costs incurred in these processing procedures include processing equipment loss, labour costs, and chemical reagents for surface treatment. These costs are the basis for calculating the price of aluminum profiles.
3. Processing cost
This fee refers to the processing of industrial aluminum profiles according to the needs of users, such as cutting, punching, corner-cutting, etc.; or changing the primary color of the profile, customizing other colours, such as Silver, Champagne, Bronze, Golden, Black, Woodgrain, Sand coating, Anodized Acid and alkali, etc.
4. Different wall thickness
To reduce the cost, some manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the original extruded aluminium frame by 0.5mm. The weight of the meter is reduced, and the price will naturally be lower. However, the cross-section size of the profile is designed, and if it is changed at will, it will affect the load-bearing of the profile itself, resulting in fracture or bending. Of course, the difference in wall thickness is difficult to see with the naked eye and needs to be measured with a ruler.
chian shenghai aluminum extrusion profile
5. The place of origin is different:
If the aluminum profile manufacturer is close to the place with abundant aluminum resources or the transportation is more convenient, the price of the aluminium profile produced will be lower.
6. Different sales channels:
Prices are different for online sales, factory direct sales, and intermediary sales. Many people want to get the goods directly from the manufacturer, save the middleman and make the difference, lower the price, and guarantee the quality.
7. The quantity is not the same
Buying aluminum profiles in large quantities will save many production costs so that the price will be directly lower.

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