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What Are Use for Industrial Aluminium Profile - 9 Types

Updated: 29 Apr 2021
Due to the product characteristics of Industrial Aluminium Profile (t slot aluminum, v slot extrusion ), it is very popular among major industries. For example, logistics industry, food industry, automation industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, etc. Different industries have different products that can be flexible according to production needs. The following Shenghai Aluminium Profile Supplier introduces the use of industrial aluminum profiles.

1.Frame bracket
In order to make mechanical equipment or instruments have a support base, it is necessary to customize the frame or bracket, install the casters at the bottom, which can be easily moved. Like the delivery line frame is made of aluminum profile, the assembly disassembly is very convenient;
aluminum extrusion industry G_TSS-05
2. Chassis protective cover
Some machine devices are no shields. It is easy to an accident when using it. At this time, you need to install the chassis or protective cover, and you will be safe.

3. Workbench
All industries will basically use a workbench, but also called work tables, operators. There are many types of workbenches, and the environment used by different types of workbenses is different. Like an anti-static workbenches can be used in the electronic semiconductor factory, the pipeline table can be used on the transcription line. There is also a fluid bars work with automatic sorting equipment; you can do the advanced first out of the item;

4. Shelf or material rack
Whether it is a warehousing industry or other industries, it is less than the use of the shelves, and the role of management of items, neat and orderly;
industrial aluminium profile for shenghai alu
5. Clean shed
Clean sheds are relatively high for environmental requirements. After the anodized treatment, anti-static, not easy to adsorb dust, and easy to clean;

6. Fence partition
The fence partition is divided into the area, which is convenient for management, protecting machines and personnel safety. With different panels, it can be applied in different production environments;

7. Under the Super Ladder Service Platform
Mainly used in aerospace, high-speed rail maintenance, industrial equipment maintenance, etc. The overall frame structure is made of aluminum profiles, rendering to 2000-3000 kg, with different pedals, can apply to different places;
industrial aluminum profile for shenghai alu

8. Whiteboard frame display stand

The made whiteboard (can be used in outdoor or indoor) can be used in the office or in the factory for information display and communication;

9. Automobile examination

Includes car brackets, car display stands, car seats, automotive test racks, etc., are made of aluminum profiles.

industrial aluminum extrusion profile G_20cm HG073
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