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To Make Thermal Break Aluminium Profile

Updated: 7 Sep 2021
Thermal break aluminium is also called thermal break aluminum profile, thermal insulation aluminum profile, broken bridge aluminum, broken cold and hot bridge profile, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite profile. Thermal break aluminium has better performance than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles.

What is thermal break aluminum windows and doors

Thermal break aluminum windows and door is an improved type based on aluminum profile window & door to improve the insulation performance of doors and windows. The principle of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is to divide the aluminum alloy profile into two parts inside and outside, and then use the PA66 nylon material to connect, so that the aluminum alloy profile forms a hot and cold bridge, so that the internal and external heat and cold energy cannot be exchanged through the aluminum alloy profile. Generally speaking, thermally broken aluminum windows and door include two main bodies: broken bridge heat-insulating aluminum profile and hollow glass.

Because the broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows have outstanding advantages such as high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, and good decorative effect. Therefore, it is more and more favored by the market. High-end thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows with broken bridges have gradually become the priority for high-end architectural windows.

China Thermal break aluminum windows and doorthermally broken aluminium windows and doors

Aluminum extrusion profile VS thermal break aluminium

The ordinary aluminum profile has the same color inside and outside, and heat conduction is fast. However, because of the cold and hot bridge of the broken aluminum profile, the energy inside and outside the house cannot be exchanged through the aluminum profile and the thermal insulation effect is good. Inside and outside colors of the thermal break aluminium can be matched arbitrarily.

china thermal break aluminium profilechina thermal break profile

Thermal break aluminium profiles features

1. Good thermal insulation

Thermally broken aluminum windows and doors have heat insulation strips, so in winter, it can reduce indoor heat loss and keep the indoor temperature well. In using air conditioners in summer, thermally broken aluminum profiles can effectively reduce energy loss and protect the indoor environment. Therefore, the energy saving and environmental protection effects of extruded aluminium thermal break are very significant.

2. Reduce noise

The noise is deafening if you live next to a busy street or on both sides of a highway. If there is no sound insulation treatment, it will affect people's everyday life. Aluminium thermal break window&door can solve this problem well. Thermally broken aluminum uses hollow glass structures with different thicknesses and aluminum thermally broken insulation cavity structures to reduce the acoustic resonance effect and effectively prevent noise propagation.

3. Good waterproof, fireproof and anti-fog

thermal break aluminium makes use of the pressure balance principle, and a structural drainage system is designed with drainage outlets for smooth drainage and good water tightness. Aluminum alloy is metal material and will not burn. The thermal break aluminium door and window frame profile has three sealing structures or even eight sealing. The thermal break aluminium reasonably separates the water vapor cavity, successfully realizes the equal pressure balance of air and water, and significantly improves doors and windows' water tightness and airtightness.

4. Rich colors

Aluminum alloy extrusion profile is rich in color and has a decorative effect. For example, thermal break powder coating or anodized thermally broken aluminum profile meets the customer's color requirements.

china thermally broken aluminiumchina thermal break aluminum profile

How to judge the quality of thermal break aluminium

Thickness: Generally for home decoration products, most aluminum door and window factories choose products with high yield. Therefore, manufacturers will reduce the thickness of aluminum profiles to reduce the cost. Thermal break profile thickness should be greater than or equal to 1.4mm.

Aluminum profile surface: good thermally broken aluminum surface gloss and texture, powder coated aluminium extrusions thermally broken color surface treatment is also natural.

China Shenghai is an aluminum extrusion profile manufacturer. We can completely customize thermal break aluminum profiles for windows and doors. If you are looking for an aluminum thermal break, don't hesitate to contact us. According to your needs, we will provide you with professional solutions.

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