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Tips For Buying Aluminum Profiles For Door And Window

Updated: 6 Jul 2023
Aluminum doors and windows are widely used in commercial, residential, and office partitions. The technology for producing doors and windows aluminum profiles is very mature and can be completely customized. Whether color, surface treatment, or shape requirements, door and window aluminum profile manufacturers can perfectly complete these requirements. So when purchasing aluminum doors and windows profiles, what tips can you refer to for your project?
aluminum profile for door and window

Aluminum Grade Material

Windows and doors are available in various aluminum grades, although the 6000 series aluminum alloys are most commonly used.

6061 Aluminum Grade
The advantages of aluminum alloy 6061 are good processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating properties, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, dense material without defects and easy polishing, easy coloring film, good oxidation effect and other excellent features. Therefore, it also has many advantages in making doors and windows.

6063 Aluminum Grade
Aluminum alloy 6063 is an aluminum alloy containing silicon and magnesium, which has good plasticity, strength and corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in construction, furniture and industrial fields. It can improve its hardness and strength through T5 or T6. It can also improve its surface's wear resistance and aesthetics through anodizing treatment. It can also choose different profile types (standard or thermal break aluminum alloy) according to different opening methods (sliding windows, casement windows, top-hung windows, etc.). In terms of making doors and windows, the advantages of 6063 aluminum alloy are good corrosion resistance, plasticity and machinability, and good surface treatment effect.

6262 Aluminum Grade
6262 aluminum alloy contains silicon, magnesium, copper and chromium, which has good processability, corrosion resistance and strength. It can be used to make doors and windows, but it is not as common as 6063 aluminum alloy. Generally, this grade of material is selected for door and window projects with special requirements.
aluminum door and window profile for Malaysia

What elements should be considered when purchasing aluminum doors and windows

Surface treatment: This is very important because door and window profiles are subject to different surface treatments depending on the environment in which they are used. Generally, door and window profiles will be coated with fluorocarbon coating, powder coating, anodized, and electrophoresis. Among them, anodic oxidation is a standard surface treatment method. Through the electrolytic reaction in the electrolyte, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy to protect the aluminum alloy material.
Surface finish: This dramatically impacts the performance of doors and windows. If the surface finish is not good, the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and other properties of doors and windows may be reduced.
Size: There are two types of door and window profile sizes, one is standard size and the other is customized size. We can make custom sizes according to your project needs.
Quality standards: There are different quality standards for door and window profiles. According to your local requirements, you can refer to the standards of profiles and provide requirements to the manufacturer. Or you can take the profile's weight, appearance, hardness, strength, and oxide film.
thickness as a reference direction and coordinate with the aluminum material manufacturer.
Thickness: This is one of the important indicators of doors and windows, which is directly related to the safety performance of doors and windows. The wall thickness of the main stress-bearing rods of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be more than 1.4 mm. The wall thickness of the main stress-bearing rods of aluminum alloy doors should be more than 2.0 mm. The tensile strength should reach 157N/mm.
Type: There are many types of profiles now which can fully meet the needs of any project. Generally, different use environments will have specific profiles to choose from.
For example: 
Standard aluminum door and window profiles
Thermally broken aluminum door and window profiles
Sliding aluminum windows and doors profiles
Casement aluminum windows and doors profiles
Folding aluminum windows and doors profiles
Soundproof aluminum alloy profile

Generally, the profile configuration should be selected according to the project requirements when choosing aluminum materials for doors and windows. If you have special requirements, you can communicate with the aluminum profile manufacturer. Now the technology from extrusion to processing door and window profiles is very mature. As a professional aluminum factory, we have produced aluminum for any project. We are fully confident in producing aluminum for any project.
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