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Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile to Industrial Equipment

Updated: 15 Apr 2022
Slot aluminum profile is formed by extrusion. The produced aluminum extrusion t slot has different mechanical properties and application areas. Slotted aluminum extrusion: mainly used in industrial production. Industrial slot aluminum applications do not include architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, interior, and exterior decoration, and building structures. The industrial aluminum profile is mainly used for industrial equipment.
Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile manufacturer

How to choose Slot Aluminum Profile Supplier in China

Professional aluminum extrusion profile supplier with at least 5 years of production experience; able to master the quality and performance of products; recommend or custom design products to customer satisfaction according to their needs; and provide aluminum profile accessories.
We have more than 12 years of production experience; we have a team of professional engineers; we cover a product range of 20+. Feel free to contact us to provide you with aluminum profile solutions.
Aluminum t profile has a wide range of uses and is highly versatile. It is environmentally friendly, easy to assemble and disassemble, saves time and has a long service life.
Slot extrusion is suitable for various types of mechanical devices. Features: no welding, easy to adjust the size, easy to change the structure; strict dimensional tolerance requirements, high surface finish requirements; easy and fast assembly work; anodized surface treatment, anti-corrosion, no need to paint, can improve the added value of the product.
Slot aluminum profile for industrial equipment

Extruded Slot Aluminum Profile Application

1.General industry
Aluminum profile equipment dust covers, aluminum profile workbenches, aluminum profile equipment racks, aluminum profile roller shelves, aluminum profile material carts, aluminum profile cargo cabinets, aluminum profile lipstick machines and aluminum profile ladder tables and ladder platforms.
2. Automotive industry
Use of machines consisting of aluminum profiles.
3. Warehouse logistics
Aluminum profile shelves, aluminum profile material racks, and aluminum profile frame assembly lines for sorting items.
Aluminum profile shelves, aluminum profile cargo cabinets.
Aluminum profile dispenser racks, aluminum profile medicine racks.

There are also aluminum profile kitchen table frames, aluminum profile storage racks in the catering industry, and aluminum profile fish tank racks for household consumption varieties.
aluminum extrusion t slot supplier for industrial commercial aluminum t slot profile for industrial machine
This is the common product of aluminum profile frames in various fields. Simple aluminum profile products are more widely used, such as multiple aluminum profile isolation fences, protective fences, etc.
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