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How to Judge Quality of Extrude Aluminum Frame Profile

Updated: 20 Apr 2021

There are many Aluminium Section Factory on the market, and the quality of the products is high or low, so how do we choose good aluminum section? In addition to looking for a reliable Aluminum Profile Supplier, you can also select aluminum frame profile from these five aspects.

Shenghai Aluminum Extrude Frame ProfileShenghai frame aluminium profile


It depends on whether the frame aluminium profile is obviously distorted in appearance and shape, and touch whether the surface feels (uneven), whether there are cracks or bubbles, scratches, burrs and other uneven places. You must check each side carefully, and if you find any, it is best not to buy it. This is an obvious quality problem.

2. Look at the degree of oxidation

You can scratch the surface of the aluminum profile with a smooth hard object, and a white scratch will be left at this time. We wipe it lightly with our hands and observe. If it cannot be wiped off, the material may have quality problems. If it can be wiped off easily, it means that the thickness of the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum frame section is qualified. Generally, the average thickness of the oxide film of the industrial aluminum profile is 10μ.

3. Colour

The color of the same aluminum alloy profile should be the same. If the chromatic aberration is obvious, attention should be paid. The section color of ordinary aluminum alloy profiles is generally silvery white with uniform texture. If the color is dark or dark, it can be concluded that it is forged in the furnace from recycled aluminum or scrap aluminum. In addition, check whether the section thickness of the aluminum profile frame is the same as the marked model, and whether there is a difference between the actual product and the marked.

4. Flatness

Check the surface of the aluminum alloy profile, there should be no depressions or protrusions. The aluminum profiles processed by regular manufacturers have a smooth surface. If it is a small workshop, due to the machine or raw materials, the surface of the profile will have slight unevenness. Aluminum extruded frame is easy to oxidize and deform in the later stage.

5. Strength

When buying, you can bend the profile moderately by hand. If it can be bent without force, it can be determined that the strength of the aluminum frame sectionis unqualified. Of course, the harder the profile, the better. Aluminum has a certain degree of toughness and is not a hard material. With this characteristic, different shapes can be forged.

Shenghai industrial aluminum profile Shenghai Aluminum Frame Profile

Therefore, when choosing Aluminum Frame Profile, you need to observe carefully. Avoid using profiles with obvious defects such as bubbles, ash, cracks, burrs, and peeling. If the above phenomenon exists, it can basically be judged that it belongs to secondary aluminum or scrap aluminum, which is formed after secondary processing. This material is prone to cracking and oxidation in the later stage due to uneven texture and disordered alloy ratio.

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