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How to Install Aluminium Skirting Board Profile

Updated: 12 Oct 2021
Aluminium skirting profile is a new decorative material with good decoration, high strength, strong flexibility, simplicity, and fashion. Aluminum baseboards are currently very popular decorative materials. However, many people do not know the aluminum skirting board. Below, China Shenghai will introduce the aluminum skirting profile installation method and precautions in detail.
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Aluminium skirting profile installation method

1. Wall treatment
Before installing the aluminum skirting board, pay attention to the wall basic treatment. For example, observe whether the ground and wall are flat. If there is any unevenness, use a spatula to flatten it, clean it up, and install aluminum baseboards. Otherwise, the skirting line on the installation will bend and be uneven, cannot fit on the wall, and there will be unsightly gaps, so we must do an excellent job in the grassroots treatment.
2. Precision drilling
First, saw off a section of 15cm aluminum baseboards section, and then clip the buckle to the card slot on the back. Second, let the skirting board lean on the wall and mark the snap holes. Then use a special tool to drill a hole in the wall, and then use a plastic nail to drive into the hole that has just been punched. Pay attention to fixing the buckle on the wall with screws.
clip the buckle install aluminum skirting board
3.Concave and convex angle treatment
Aluminium skirting bunnings is troublesome to handle at the concave and convex angle position. When installing the skirting at the convex and convex angle, pay attention to drawing the fixed point position on the wall, taking the holes, nail the plastic nails, and then fixing the convex and convex angle on the corner with screws.
install concave and convex angle
4. Installation
Finally, use a tape measure to measure the size and distance of each segment and use a cutting machine to cut out the corresponding size and clip it to the corresponding buckle. If skirting line exceeds wall, install a fastener in the middle of the aluminum skirting line interface. The purpose is to ensure that the skirting line is flat.
clip to the corresponding buckle clip to the corresponding buckle -1
Precautions for aluminium skirting profile installation:
1. Control the joint gap
When installing Aluminum baseboard trim, pay attention to controlling the joint gap with the floor. Generally, the maximum gap between the skirting line and the floor cannot exceed 3 mm. If the gap is too large, it needs to be reprocessed.
Shenghai Aluminum baseboard trim
2. Details processing
The installation details of aluminum skirting baseboards cannot be ignored. Before installation, shovel the wall with white cement first. Then pave the skirting line, take protective measures after the paving is completed to avoid the paint sticking to the surface of the skirting due to painting or spraying, and clean up in time.

The role of the Aluminium skirting board is to balance the visual aspect of the home and protect the walls from damage to a certain extent. Therefore, when using aluminum baseboard trim, you must pay attention to the above issues to avoid affecting the overall home improvement effect.
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