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Brief heating steps of aluminum material

Updated: 25 Oct 2016

Heat treatment is the aluminum material on a certain medium, heated to a suitable temperature, holding at this temperature for a period of time in the future, and the use of different speeds for a cooling process, the aluminum material is the most important process steps. Today aluminum factory here on a brief introduction of aluminum material which the heating step.

An annealing. Refers to the workpiece is heated to an appropriate temperature, depending on the size of the workpiece material and the different incubation times, and then slowly cooled, its main purpose is to reduce the hardness of the material, to improve the plasticity, in order to facilitate subsequent processing, reduce the residual stress and improve homogenization organization and composition. annealing divided according to different purposes recrystallization annealing, stress relieving back fireball annealing, fully annealed and so on.

Second, normalizing. Means after the workpiece is heated to a suitable temperature of the cooling air, the same effect as normalizing annealing similar, but finer tissue obtained, generally used to improve the cutting performance of the material, is sometimes used for a number of less demanding parts the final heat treatment.

Third, the tempering. Refers to the material after quenching unbalanced tissue is generally hard and brittle, requires a temperature above room temperature for a long time to heat, and then cooled.

Fourth, quenching. Refers to the workpiece after the heat insulation, water, oil, or other inorganic salt, an organic aqueous medium, quenching rapidly cooled.

Aluminum sheet material in the heating process, the heating rate is mainly provided by the holding time and cooling rate of the material the material is aluminum, heat treatment process is the most important process steps. Its characteristic is to improve the intrinsic quality of the work, which is generally not the naked eye can observe. Today’s aluminum material is heated knowledge for everyone to stop here, and if you want to know more knowledge of the aluminum plate, welcome to contact the major aluminum manufacturers.

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