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Aluminum VS Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet, Which One Is Best

Updated: 5 Jun 2023
While newer aluminum is considered the best choice for kitchen cabinets, stainless steel is also a serious competitor. For many people, the choice between aluminum kitchen cabinets and stainless steel kitchen cabinets has always been a question, which one is more suitable for their kitchen? Generally, it isn't easy to give a definitive answer, as everyone's kitchen is unique. Sometimes, the condition of the kitchen may affect the result of choosing which material is more suitable.
aluminum handle for kitchen cabinet Aluminum profile for kitchen cabinet
Stainless steel cabinets usually have a reinforced frame and welded stainless steel sheets, so strength is usually not an issue when used in the kitchen. The all-aluminum cabinets are made of extruded aluminum profiles, whose strength is much higher than that of wooden panels, so they are strong enough to use cabinets. The door panels of stainless steel cabinets are generally single-layer and relatively unstable. Therefore, the door panel may vibrate slightly during use. All aluminum cabinets do not have this problem. Aluminum profile welded panels usually have a honeycomb structure, while spliced panels have ribs and a closed structure, and the thickness of the panel is less than 10cm, so it has good stability.

Stainless steel cabinets usually maintain the color of the stainless steel itself, there are few color changes, and only some simple treatments are performed. Aluminum cabinets are different. The processing technology of aluminum profiles is quite mature which can achieve various effects such as simple solid color, atmospheric wood grain, and realistic 3D to adapt to different decoration styles. The price of stainless steel is higher than that of aluminum profiles, and the specific materials used will be determined according to the specific parameters of the cabinet design. Regarding utilization rate, stainless steel cabinets are relatively more common in the commercial field, such as the back kitchen of restaurants, while all-aluminum cabinets are more common in household use.

Indoor Home Use Cabinets
If you choose to use the cabinet at home, the all-aluminium profile is the best choice. All aluminum cabinets have low noise, good luster and rich colors. All-aluminum cabinets are made of splicing aluminum materials and accessories, so the middle is empty, and the sound of aluminum profiles is relatively small. When cooking and using the all-aluminum cabinet, there will not be too much noise, so as to avoid disturbing other people's rest or work. The color and luster of the all-aluminium cabinet is also very good, and the color is also very rich. Through the wood grain transfer technology, the appearance of the all-aluminum cabinet can achieve the same effect as the solid wood texture, so the style of the all-aluminum cabinet is very good.
Aluminum profile kitchen cabinet
Stainless steel itself contains iron, which will rust over time. Although stainless steel cabinets are also considered a good piece of furniture, they generally do not perform as well as all-aluminum cabinets. For example, many stainless steel cabinets on the market need better quality, similar to iron. They will rust after a long use and produce a lot of noise. It's very loud when you tap your hand. In addition, the color of stainless steel cabinets could be better, the heat dissipation is fast, and there are defects such as welding. The all-aluminum cabinets are spliced with aluminum materials, without gaps, and with better density.
stainless steel kitchen cabinet

For home cabinets, aluminum profiles are the best choice. Aluminum cabinets are rich in design and can be matched according to the decoration style of the house. Aluminum cabinets are not only furniture but also play a decorative role. SHENGHAI Aluminum is a professional aluminum extrusion and deep processing one-stop service manufacturer. No matter if you have any aluminum profile projects, you can contact us.
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