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T Slot Aluminum

About T Slot Aluminum Profile Frame

T Slot aluminum can be made without slots on each side, with single or multiple slots. The cross-sectional dimensions are also available in a wide range of sizes. Our slot aluminum profiles can offer you customized and versatile designs and applications.
The aluminum T slot frame is made by connecting the slot profile and connector. You can easily set up frames and structures made from T slots without having to weld components for a robust structure. Of course, using different types of T-slots and corner connectors, you can arrange aluminum profiles in many ways to create different types of T slot aluminum framing.
china aluminum extrusion t slot profiles

Why Aluminum T Slot Profiles Are the Best Industrial Frames

One of the best features of the T-slot profile frame is its versatility. The ability to assemble and build anything and then add to or subtract from it to meet the ever-changing needs of your day-to-day business. You can easily disassemble it and build a completely new solution if required.
And each section of extruded aluminum contains one or more T-indents or slots into which various accessories conveniently fit and slide up and down as required. This allows you to interconnect other T-slotted aluminum components into the most complex configurations without clamping and weld them together as you would with steel components.
Many customers are now choosing aluminum framing for industrial. Also because aluminum t-slotted frames are cheaper than steel frames. Slot aluminum frames eliminate the need for cutting, welding and painting. Moreover, aluminum frames are flexible, durable and can be recycled. This is why aluminum t-slotted frames are the best frames.
T Slot Aluminum Profiles Shapes
T Slot Aluminum Profiles Shapes
Slot Aluminum Profile Size
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 20×20mm (2020) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 80×40mm (4080)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 20×40mm (2040) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 80×80mm (8080)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 30×30mm (3030) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 85×68mm (6880)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 30×15mm (1530) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 85×40mm (4085)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 32×32mm (3232) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 90×30mm (3090)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 32×45mm (3245) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 90×45mm (4590)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 38×38mm (3838) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 90×80mm (8090)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 40×40mm (4040) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 90×90mm (9090)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 45×45mm (4545) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 94×40mm (4094)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 50×50mm (5050) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 100×50mm (50100)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×15mm (1560) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 120×40mm (40120)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×20mm (2060) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 120×60mm (60120)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×30mm (3060) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 150×30mm (30150)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×40mm (4060) T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 180×15mm (15180)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×45mm (4560) V Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×60mm (6060)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 60×60mm (6060) V Slot Aluminum Extrusion 80×80mm (8080)
T Slot Aluminum Extrusion 80×20mm (2080)

Advantage of t slot aluminum frame

1. Solidity: with aluminum profile fixing accessories, aluminum profiles will be stronger and more durable than welded parts, installation laws are uniform, and aluminum profile accessories are abundant and solid.
2. Safety: the aluminum frame can be customized for the colour to play a warning role, and the ground is rich in supporting accessories. The cover can be chosen for the exposed end to achieve a protective effect.
3. Aesthetics: choose cover profile or cover plate and flat sealing groove strip, the frame structure for decoration, and play a dust-proof effect.
4. Stability: the aluminum frame is lighter in structure than steel or iron.
5. Richness: choose different types of profiles of various sizes and thicknesses as required, as well as a variety of accessories to match
6. Processability and flexibility: according to the different needs for processing, milling slot punching, tapping and cutting.
7. Reusability of the components: they can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled for reuse.
8. Corrosion resistance: treated with both hot and cold processes, with strong corrosion resistance.
aluminum extrusion t slot profile

How to install aluminum t slot profiles frame

The main function of the industrial slot aluminum frame is to connect frames such as workbenches, racks, fences, etc. The assembly of industrial aluminum profiles does not require welding and is relatively simple to install.
1. Assembly method of corner part connection
This method uses the corner pieces of aluminum profiles with T-bolts and flange nuts to directly fix the connection. The slotted profile can realize the connection of 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135 degrees angles. Punching and tapping the profile is unnecessary to assemble the aluminum profile frame using the corner piece connection, which is a quicker way to build.
2. Punching and nailing assembly method
The assembly of aluminum profile frames using perforated nails is also one of the common ways of assembling frames. Before assembly, the profile needs to be perforated and tapped according to the technical parameters. Then the bolts are directly used for locking and fixing the connection. If the requirements for the strength of the frame connection are high, it can also be connected with corner pieces to enhance the strength.
3. Angled structure assembly method
The assembly and construction of aluminum frames often encounter various angles. When encountering angular connections or diagonal support structures, such as 45 degrees and 135 degrees, can be assembled with profile angle pieces. If it is a special angle, it can be assembled with a bevel connector, or a connecting plate can be used for quick connection.
t slotted aluminum extruison frame aluminum extruison t slot profile frame

T Slot Aluminum Frame Application

The aluminum slot has a wide range of applications and is ideal for any project.
1. Due to their flexibility and scalability, T-slot aluminum extrusion profiles and accessories are used for assembly line frames, workbenches, conveyors, storage racks, doors, safety fence, brackets, machine frames, etc.
2. Slot aluminum profiles are versatile and can be used for aluminum display cabinets and aluminum board framing.
slotted aluminum extrusion for workbenches
slotted aluminium extrusion frame for safety fence
t slot framing for assembly line
aluminum t slotted for bracket frame
aluminum t slot profile for display frame
t slotted aluminum board framing

The Most Reliable Supplier of Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Profiles - Shenghai Aluminum

Whether you are assembling a large production line, installing automation equipment, or setting up a workbench for a production line, T slot aluminum profiles are the right choice. Of course, China Shenghai Aluminum offers a full range of custom aluminum extrusion services. We can manufacture the perfect extruded aluminum product to suit your needs.

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