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Aluminum Profile Handle

Updated: 31 Aug 2022

About Aluminum Profile Handle for Furniture, Cabinet, Door & Window

In handles of various materials, it is widely and universally used. It's affordable, sturdy, and durable. Even if the aluminium profile handle is used for a long time, there will be no fading phenomenon. The aluminum cabinet handle adopts multi-layer electroplating in process technology, making the door handle's surface process more refined and have good wear resistance. Handle aluminum has a simple and elegant shape and has good oil stain resistance. It is very suitable for use in the kitchen, and it is also convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
aluminum profile handle for furniture, cabinet, door and window

In daily life, aluminum extrusion handles can be found anywhere. Aluminum handles profiles are widely used, such as wardrobes, TV cabinets, tatami, aluminum alloy doors and windows, bifold door, glass doors, drawers, etc. Diverse styles, modern minimalist style, American style, European style, children's style, etc. Different styles can be applied in other places.
Aluminum handles are compatible with different finishes. The most common ones include nickel, chrome, sandblasting, pewter, matte, antique brass, anodized black, and antiqued copper.
Aluminum handles can now be custom designed in any style and color. Where can we buy the best aluminum handles for kitchen cabinet door, sliding door, drawer, cupboard, etc.? China Shenghai Aluminum Profile is the best manufacturer. Buy from Shenghai Aluminum to meet your every need for an aluminum handle.

Aluminum Profile Handle Catalog

Aluminum profile cabinet handle
Long aluminum door pull handle
Aluminum door handle cabinet handles
Silver aluminum wardrobe and kitchen drawer handle
Aluminum C handle for cupboard
Aluminium sliding door pull handles

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Types of Aluminum Profile Handle for Furniture, Cabinet, Door and Window

1. Long straight aluminum handle: aluminum handle is formed into a straight line, mainly to achieve a straight line effect after installation. Now the wardrobe & kitchen door is using this straight handle.
2. Bending aluminum handle: The aluminum alloy profile is bent at different shapes through bending machines or CNC. The main purpose is to meet the customer's decorative requirements.
3. Hidden handle aluminum
Aluminum C handle: mainly aluminum profile squeezed into a shape similar to "C";
G handle aluminium profile;
L shape handle aluminum.
4. Combined handle: through two different styles of profiles or die castings combined.
5. Aluminum knob
6. Arc aluminum pull handle
Aluminum knob for cabinet
Aluminum wardrobe and kitchen door handle
Hidden aluminum profile pull handle
Hidden c shape handle aluminum

Aluminum Profile Handle Application

Handle Profile Application
Kitchen, Bathroom, Home Office, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining, Babies and kids, Outdoor, Hotel, Villia, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall, Sports Venues, Leisure Facilities, Supermarket, Warehouse, Workshop, Park, Farmhouse, Courtyard, Other, Storage & Closet, Exterior, Wine Cellar, Entry, Hall, Home Bar, Staircase, Basement, Garage & Shed, Gym, Laundry.
G handle aluminium extrusion profile
c shape aluminum profile kitchen handle
Aluminum wardrobe handles
Aluminum cupboard knob handle
aluminum window pull handle
aluminum sliding door handles
Extruded aluminum kitchen pull handle
Drawer furniture aluminum profile handle

Aluminum Handle Production Process

Deep processing aluminum handle
CNC machining: Whether it requires high shape or high precision, it can be completed by our CNC machined. For example, drilling, cutting, milling, brushing, polishing, turning, pocketing, facing, punching, tapping, etc.
Aluminum handle finish: powder coated, anodized, electrophoresis. Common colors are matte, antique brass, anodized black, champagne, silver gray, gold, silver, bright chrome, nickel, antique copper, imitation bronze, woodgrain.

Aluminum extrusion handle specification
Screw hole distance (Hole Pitch): 32mm/64mm/96mm/128mm/160mm/192mm/224mm
Package: Inner Polybag + Outer Carton
Color: Matte, antique brass, anodized black, champagne, silver gray, gold, silver, bright chrome, nickel, etc.
Aluminum profile extrusion
CNC Machining aluminum
Powder coating
Sandblasting aluminum profile

How to Install Aluminum Profile Handles

1. Measuring the hole distance of aluminum handles
The measurement must be precise, otherwise it will affect the installation of the aluminum handle. If the distance between the holes is not at the same horizontal position, the profiles handle will be tilted after installation, affecting the aesthetics.
2. Determine the installation position
The hole distance is measured and then the installation position is determined. This position is important and should be determined according to the user's height. If the handle is installed too high or too low, it will affect the use of the handle. If the cabinet door has a location for the installation of the handle, then it can be installed directly. Generally speaking, the handles are installed between 1-2 inches below the cabinet door, with appropriate adjustments to the position.
3. Drilling
Drill the holes in the defined positions. When drilling the holes, pay attention to the control of the strength. Prevent the cabinet doors from cracking due to excessive impact. Also, pay attention to eye protection to prevent injury to the eyes.
4. Installing the aluminum handles
Finally, it is time to install the handles aluminum. First, align the profile handle with a good hole distance, tighten the screws with a screwdriver and fix the handle to the cabinet door. After installing the handle, try to open the cabinet door by hand and check if the handle is tightened. If there are no problems, then the installation is complete.
The aluminium cabinet door handles installed this way, but this method can also be used for furniture, doors and windows.

 how to install aluminum cabinet handle
What can we do for you
We can provide aluminum extrusion, product deep processing, OEM&ODM service, etc. Shenghai Aluminum has 7 extrusion machines, CNC machines, anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis equipment. So we can do fast shipping within 15 days without worrying about the production volume.
If you are looking for an honest and powerful supplier of aluminum handles to provide you with reliable and useful aluminum handles for doors, windows and cabinets, Shenghai Aluminum can help you. For over 11 years, we have been supplying the best and highest quality aluminum profile handles to our customers worldwide.

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