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Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Channel

About Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Channel

If you are choosing aluminum profile for LED strip channel. You can select our LED aluminum profile. We are professional aluminium extrusions for LED lighting manufacturers, and can provide surface mounted, recessed mounted, angled mount channels, suspended mounted or customized for your project LED aluminium profiles.
Our LED aluminum extrusions fit into any corner without any rough edges and help diffuse light evenly. SHENGHAI Aluminum designs offer LED extrusions specifically for cabinets, stairs, closets, floors and walls, and many other applications. aluminum extrusions for led lighting eliminate the need for larger, more visible traditional fixtures. They can design to direct light to specific areas with many different lighting angles.

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Aluminium Profile Shapes for LED Strip Channel
SHENGHAI extrusion can design various shapes of aluminum profiles for LED strip channels. LED lighting aluminium extrusion commonly used shapes include T-shaped, U-shaped and v-shaped led channels. SHENGHAI extrusion can extrude aluminum alloy 6063 series into the desired cross-sectional profile. Common length sizes: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, etc.

Extruded T-shaped profile made of aluminum alloy. 
U-shaped channels are typically used for general LED extrusion applications.
V-shape extrusion is often used for corner applications and is also known as angle shape extrusion.
SHENGHAI flexible LED extrusions can be shaped any way you need.
aluminum T-shaped LED strip light
U-shaped aluminum LED extrusions
Aluminum T-shaped LED strip light
U-shaped aluminum LED extrusions
Aluminum v shape led channel
aluminum flexible LED profiles
Aluminum V shape LED channel
Aluminum flexible LED profiles

Types of Mounting Aluminum Profile LED Strip

Surface Mount LED Channels
Surface mount LED light housing channels can be mounted directly on any surface. Various shapes or sizes of aluminum LED shell profiles can be obtained by extrusion.
Recessed Mount LED Aluminum Profile
You can mount aluminium LED channels into walls, ceilings, walls, cabinets, or any area you wish to create a flush look that blends in perfectly with the light.
Angled Mount Aluminum LED Strip
Angled channels are specifically designed so the strip light can produce a fixed beam of light at a particular beam angle.
The curved edges allow a perfect fit around tight corners while protecting LED light strips from bending.

Types of Mounting Aluminum Profile LED Light Strip

Why Choose Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Channel
LED aluminum profile is also known as LED strip lights bar, LED light strip track or LED lighting channel. LED strip aluminum channel is very popular because of its unique wireframe, beautiful exterior design, energy-saving, safety, easy installation and long life. LED strip lights can illuminate your home, office, industrial space, etc.
Protection: Aluminum channels protect LED strips from environmental factors such as heat, humidity, dust, water, etc. You can customize the aluminum profile to make it waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, etc.
Lighting effect: Aluminum profiles are available in different surface finishes, such as frosted, diffused, recessed, etc. You can create other lighting effects by choosing the right aluminium profile for LED lights.
Installation: Aluminum profiles can be easily installed on any surface. Use unique accessories to install them on walls, furniture, stairs, etc.
Durability: The LED extrusion channels help dissipate the LED strips' heat evenly. This improves the efficiency and longevity of the LED strips and makes them safe for use in open spaces, such as under-cabinet lighting.
aluminum led channel and diffuser aluminum led strip channel diffuser

Aluminum LED Strip Channel Application
1. Corridor
In long and narrow corridors, the light itself is not good and depressing. Ordinary lighting can not meet the demand. The advantage of using line lights is that they can be scattered along the wall installation. The light source will not be concentrated in one location while illuminating the space but also has a light decorative effect.
2. Wall
Monotonous walls using line lights + modelling decoration will not break the original tone but also can bring out a more advanced visual aesthetics.
3. Ceiling
The most common is the living room ceiling lights. The use of various ways more visually will create a stronger atmosphere.
4. Stairs
Under the staircase, concealed line lights, or side as an induction light source, are not only beautiful but also have practical value.
5. Flooring
Flooring installation line lights and then with the sensor device, the night will add a greater sense of security.

aluminum profile led strip channel for corridor
led light aluminium profile for wall
aluminium extrusions for led lighting in ceiling
led strip channel diffuser for stair
aluminum track for led strip lighting in flooring

How to choose aluminum profile for LED Strip - Shenghai Aluminum

1. Select the LED aluminum material that meets your needs according to the intended use.
By understanding the knowledge of LED profiles, we know many types of LED aluminum materials. Therefore, when purchasing LED aluminum profiles, choose appropriate extruded profiles based on the project's usage needs.

2. Pay attention to the internal width and height of the aluminum
The internal dimensions of the aluminum profile will determine whether the LED strip can be successfully installed. When you purchase aluminum profiles, you should consider whether the size of the LED light strip matches the profile. If the width of the aluminum profile is not enough, it will affect the lighting effect; if the profile's height is too high or too low, the brightness of the light will be insufficient or spots will appear.

3. Choose the right PC cover
There are 5 commonly used PC covers: milky white, transparent, frosted, black, and silicone. According to the project's specific needs, choosing a suitable PC cover to match the aluminum profile can improve the lighting effect and heat dissipation effect.

4. Special aluminum profiles for outdoor use
If the aluminum profile is used outdoors or on the ground, you must choose IP67 or IP68 waterproof LED strips, otherwise the LED light strips will be damaged.

Why Choose Us As Your Aluminum LED Strip Channel Manufacturer
1. Super fast delivery time
We have a team of dozens of engineers who can quickly design drawings and complete mold designs, seven extrusion machines for mass production.
2. Aluminum LED strip housing could be made of different shapes like T, U, V, rectangular, circular, and custom-shape special shapes.
3. Aluminum alloy 6000 series extrusion is used. We can also choose anodized, powder-coated or electrophoresis and other deep processing according to your requirements.
4. We are aluminium extrusion LED light strip factory. We can support you in ordering LED light aluminium profiles in bulk at wholesale price.

Choose the best aluminum profile for your LED light to create your beautiful space. Please browse our products, or contact us.

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