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Aluminium Picture Frame Profile

Shenghai aluminum picture frame profiles are characterized by their lightweight design, durability, and easy installation. Shenghai aluminium picture frame profile find versatile applications across various industries, showcasing their adaptability to diverse needs.

Aluminium Picture Frame Products

China Shenghai Aluminum pictrue frame profile
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For over 16 years, Shenghai Aluminum has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying premium aluminium picture frame profiles. We take pride in delivering high-quality products with the broadest range available, perfect for your aluminum profile system or modular aluminum framing needs.

Shenghai Aluminum picture frame drawings

The most common aluminum alloy profile we use is 6063, which is widely used to manufacture aluminum picture frames. Anodized or coated, its surface presents an eye-catching appeal.

These profiles also feature clear anodized, sandblasted or dyed anodized decorative surfaces, making aluminium picture frame profile more corrosion-resistant. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of colors for your aluminum picture frame profiles according to your personal preferences, including silver, champagne, black, blue, wood, RAL powder coating colors, etc., ensuring a perfect fit for your aesthetic needs.

Shenghai Aluminum provides a variety of vibrant surface treatments, including glossy polishing, shiny anodizing, electrophoresis coating, powder coating, and PVDF coating.

Aluminium picture frame profile application
The aluminum picture frame is an extremely versatile framing system, suitable for framing various artworks such as photos, paintings, and sketches, as well as certificates, diplomas, other official documents, and prints, including posters and bulletin boards.

Why Choose Aluminium Profile for Picture Frame

Compared with other materials, using aluminum profiles to make picture frames has many advantages:

1.Aluminum profiles have special lightweight properties, making the installation and handling of photo frames more convenient.
2.The corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum enhances the durability of picture frames, making them less susceptible to the effects of weather changes or humidity, thus extending their lifespan.
3.After undergoing anodization or coating treatment, the surface of aluminum profiles presents an appealing appearance, catering to diverse decorative styles.
4.Aluminium frame picture profiles exhibit outstanding malleability, suitable for a variety of shapes and design requirements.

The use of aluminum profiles in picture frames not only prioritizes aesthetic appeal but also demonstrates unique advantages in terms of lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, and durability.
Metal aluminium frame picture Aluminium Photo Frame Profiles

Which Aluminum Alloy is used for Picture Frame Profiles

We insist on using the highest quality alloys to create our picture frames. Typically, we prefer 6000 series aluminum alloys. Alloy 6063 is our first choice for aluminum extrusion and is known for its excellent processability and corrosion resistance. Of course, different alloys have unique performance characteristics, and we will carefully select the appropriate aluminum alloy according to the specific needs of the product.

What are the surface treatments for aluminium picture frame profiles

Surface treatment of aluminium picture frame profiles is to improve their appearance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Anodizing: This is a common surface treatment method that improves the hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum by forming an oxide layer on its surface. Anodizing also offers different color options, giving the frame more appearance options.
Electrocoating: This is an electrochemical deposition method that forms a paint film on the aluminum surface through electrophoresis. Electrocoating provides an even coating that increases the corrosion resistance and appearance of your picture frame.
Powder Coating: Use powder coating to cover the aluminum surface and then bake it at high temperatures to solidify. This method offers a variety of color options and can improve the appearance and wear resistance of the frame.
Sandblasting: By spraying sand onto the aluminum surface, you can create a frosted effect that adds texture to the frame and makes it look more upscale.
Polishing: Polishing is the removal of defects on the aluminum surface through mechanical or chemical methods to make it smooth and bright. This treatment makes the frame look more refined.
Wood Grain Finishes: Through special coating technology, wood grain texture can be simulated on the aluminum surface, giving the picture frame a natural appearance.
The finish you choose depends on the frame's design, intended use, and personal preference. Different surface treatments can give picture frames different looks and textures. Shenghai Aluminum can meet any of your needs.
Aluminium Picture Frame Profile Surface Treatment
Aluminium picture frame profile color

Aluminium Picture Frame Profile Specifications and Dimensions

Profile shape: Picture frame profiles can take on a variety of cross-sectional shapes, such as square, round, rectangular, etc. The choice of shape is usually based on the specific needs of design and framing.
Cross-sectional dimensions: Covers the width, thickness and width of the frame. These dimensions vary by manufacturer design and product line.
Slotted design: Some picture frame profiles are designed with slots for inserting glass, canvas or pictures. The slotted design can be single or multiple slots, depending on the purpose of the frame.
Length: Picture frame profiles are usually supplied in a certain length and can be cut as needed by the manufacturer or for custom fabrication.
Connection method: Photo frames usually need to be assembled into frames, and the connection methods can use corner codes, mortise and tenon structures, etc. The connection method also directly affects the stability of the photo frame and the convenience of mounting.

These are some standard production methods. Of course, we are also able to meet our customer's individual needs and provide customized aluminum picture frame profiles, including special processing requirements.

How Much Do Aluminium Picture Frame Profiles Cost

Different aluminum alloy types have different costs, with high strength and high corrosion resistance usually being more expensive. Surface treatment methods such as anodizing, electrophoretic coating, and spraying affect costs, and advanced treatments are more expensive. Photo frame sizes, specifications, and special designs require more raw materials and processes, and the cost is higher. Mass production reduces unit product manufacturing costs. Market factors such as raw material price fluctuations and competition may also affect costs.
Choosing us will be a wise move to invest in high-quality aluminum picture frame profiles. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing quality ensures every detail is refined to meet your high expectations. Through efficient production processes and exquisite craftsmanship, we keep costs within a reasonable range, not only ensuring economic benefits but also maintaining a high level of product quality. Your choice is not only to choose a reliable partner but also to bring long-term competitive advantage and lasting value to your purchasing decision.

What services can we provide

As a professional aluminum profile manufacturer, we strictly control every production step and aim to provide customers with excellent products and services. We are willing to provide customers with all-round support and assistance, covering all aspects of customer concern such as size, color, and design.
Aluminum profile production process
1. Size
We are usually able to provide products in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different customers.
4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches, 20x24 inches, 24x36 inches, 8x8 inches, 10x10 inches, 8x12 inches, 12x18 inches, etc. In fact, we can provide custom-sized picture frame profiles based on our customers' specific requirements to accommodate special-sized photos or artwork.

2.Other services
Shenghai Aluminum provides comprehensive customization services to meet customers' specific needs, including size, color and style. We also provide design support to assist merchants in designing photo frame profiles that meet the requirements, covering frame styles and surface treatments. In addition, Shenghai Aluminum also provides sample production for merchants to evaluate the material, quality and appearance to ensure that the products meet the expected standards.

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