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Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminium Profile

Industrial Aluminium Profile
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial Aluminim Profile

Industrial Aluminim Profile
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Advantages of Shenghai Industrial Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum profile is frequently used for industrial purposes, because of its special features. Aluminum remains strong, although it is lightweight. Weighting less than most of the other metals, like steel or iron, aluminum is easy in maintenance and is cheaper in shipping.

The strength makes aluminum compatible for the majority of industrial applications, especially the cold-weather ones, as aluminum gets even stronger in cold temperatures. When it comes to high temperatures, the non-combustible traits make aluminum profile extrusions an environmental-friendly solution. Moreover, even in extremely high temperatures aluminum doesn't produce toxic hazes.

Aluminum profiles have many advantages, beside their strength and weight.

Profile extrusions are perfect for the construction and building industry, thanks to corrosion resistance. The material doesn't rust and is highly flexible, as it is protected by natural oxide film. These traits established aluminum's popularity among modern architects.

As aluminum is non-magnetic, extrusions are perfect for high-voltage applications. This metal is non-sparking as well, which makes it an excellent choice for containers for explosive materials.

Aluminum perfectly conducts electricity, what makes it the most popular material for power transmission cables production. As an excellent heat conductor, this metal is frequently used for engine parts of cars. Heat exchangers that are widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, and power station, are mainly constructed of aluminum.

Light reflectiveness, established aluminum as a main material for light fittings.

As one of the industrial aluminum profile suppliers Foshan Shenghai Aluminum Co, Ltd., we have a wide array of profiles for industrial production. Our aluminum extrusions are produced in different shapes and sizes, depending on what your particular product requires. Check out our list of products, and if something fits your palate feel free to contact us by filling the enquiry form.

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