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Today’s windows are expected to perform various functions such as letting in light, keeping out heat/cold, noise attenuation, as well as being aesthetically attractive, needing lower maintenance and using energy saving/efficient materials/processes in place of scarce/energy efficient conventional materials. uPVC Windows/Door profiles are made from Poly Vinyl chloride resin, one of the most extensively used thermoplastics finding end uses in diverse sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare etc.
UPVC Window Series

UPVC Window Series
UPVC Door Series

UPVC Door Series
PVC Openable Window with Fixed Up

PVC Openable Window with Fixed Up
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Double-glazed, uPVC windows are a relatively new trend to sweep India. PVC windows were first used in Europe in 1940, by the late 1960’s it had established an important market share. Since the 1970’s uPVC has increasingly dominated the US market, now it is the most commonly used window framing material in the U.S. Windows are the weakest link in the insulation of the home. With rising energy prices, we can’t ignore this option any longer. Double-glazed, uPVC windows have a few key benefits. Along with roofing insulation and pink batts in walls, they are a key source of insulation for the house. What this means is that they can be used to keep heat in during winter and prevent heat from coming into the house in summer. A follow on benefit of this is that you will pay less for your electricity bills in the extreme months. If you don’t have to turn on the air conditioner or the central heating as long, that’s money saved and money earned.

Here are a few more key benefits to add:

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